Reptillian Donald Trump

Is Donald Trump a Reptilian or not?

One might think that Donald Trump would be an easy to spot Siriusian agent, especially considering his bizarre blend of libertarian and authoritarian ideology. The fact that he is a metaphorical chameleon could mean he is a literal lizard, too. However, it’s because of this that he is obviously not affiliated with the Siriusian reptilians.

Like many candidates, Trump is the product of his own mythologizing. The story he tells of his life often varies wildly from the facts on record. The first impulse of his is to exaggerate his own value, the second is to lie outright in order to maintain his narrative of an all-time winner. He’s a celebrity for a reason though, he’s got a knack for spinning his fairly linear life into something dramatic. He’s a rich kid that mostly stayed rich. Until he got rich enough that he got richer by people imagining how rich he must be. Trump’s current fortune isn’t a result of his management of an empire, it’s a fortune built on selling his name and image to anyone that will buy it. As a result, he’s been sued more than a few times for false representation. This sums up his campaign, too. His entire campaign is a wonder of smoke and mirrors designed to keep anyone from asking what he really thinks. His only strategy is to keep people dazzled and always looking at Trump the brand and not Trump the man.

This kind of attention is the opposite of what Siriusians want. They want someone who can command, but won’t let their ego overpower their mission. Trump makes it very clear he won’t bow to anyone, man or lizard. Trump and his campaign are strictly tied to the Terran politics. Of course, that still leaves plenty of room for shadowy moves behind the scenes.

There was a report of a UFO trailing Trump’s helicopter on a flight out of a Las Vegas campaign rally. This  story even made it to CNN, driven by Internet frenzy. It’s just as likely that Trump staged this himself, but if it is was a UFO, they certainly weren’t Siriusians. Not Reptoids, even.

Donald Trump has many of the hallmarks of a classic Office of Exopolitical Policy Operation (OEP). He’s high visibility and does everything he can to stay ahead of the media. He will get weirder and weirder the closer we get to the actual election. He will do anything he has to to keep the cameras off of the other candidates. Not to win, but to keep anyone from looking to long at them and not the real Siriusian candidate. OEP are masters of disinformation and misdirection, so a character as loud as Trump would work perfectly for them. Trump is the distraction, the sleight of hand, the blocker to let the real lizard in unnoticed.

OEP may not want the Siriusian candidate to win, it would be frightening if they did, but they don’t want anyone to know there is a Siriusian candidate to begin with. In some ways, Trump is the perfect operation. They just have to wind him up and let him go. He pays for himself and generates his own material The fact that none of it makes sense only adds to his value.