B-21 First Flight?

B-21 First Flight and ESDA

B-21 followed by triangle UAP

My first post happens to coincide with the FIRST FLIGHT of the B-21 bomber! How amazing is that? How unlikely is that?

It is so unlikely and neither of these things are true. I can’t believe that MSM folks are running with the story that the B-21 took its first flight on Nov 10th, 2023. No aircraft, especially a next gen stealth bomber has it’s “First Flight” over spectators on a sunny day in Palmdale, California. This flight was both a publicity stunt, a foreign policy gesture, and a test of ExoPoli technology.

The first two points should be obviously true, and I won’t go into detail into those. If I have learned anything over the last few years it is that I need to keep this shit on topic. So, you can research the first two points elsewhere on the internet. Some readers might suggest that the third point is also obvious. I mean, it is a test flight, so of course it is a test of technology!

That’s where it gets interesting and kind of cool. They wouldn’t roll out the “B-21 Raider” in such a public way if they didn’t know if could fly. They wouldn’t expose it to the eyes of the world if it wasn’t ready for this low-keyish debut. So, the test of technology is another thing entirely.

I can’t say specifically what tech was being tested in the Palmdale skies. My contacts who work under the umbrella of ESDA affiliated agencies tell me that there were several possible features that could have been tested. I personally believe the most likely was a photometric “chameleon” visual camouflage system. We have seen this kind of tech in use by various UAP for several decades, so it was only a matter of time before it filtered down to terrestrial aircraft.

This very public photo op was the perfect way to test how this optical camouflage would work for unknowing human viewers and whatever camera systems they might have with them. The test was not if the B-21 would be seen, but what would the B-21 look like? I would even consider the possibility that the craft shown as the B-21 was actually a decoy drone flown by the actual parent craft some distance away. So, the real test was whether anyone would be able to spot and track the real B-21 Raider aircraft.

Visually, the B-21 has been presented as an evolution of the venerable B-2 Spirit bomber. I think it is worth pointing out that both the F-1117 and the B-2 has many waves of misinformation and denial precede the actual announcement of their operational abilities. There is no reason to think that the D0D and ESDA have somehow gotten less careful in how they reveal hyper advanced or ExoPoli war fighting tech to the public. If anything, the stakes are much higher now in an age of total information awareness.

Once again, we can see intimations of the ESDA policy and agenda in what isn’t said as much as what we are supposed to see. For one, we can see that real disclosure is a long ways away. They are obviously still going to considerable lengths to demonstrate that there is no active UAP reverse engineering (not my own belief) or ExoPoli tech exchange ongoing.

The shadow can reveal the subject. How funny for a stealth aircraft!