About T.A. Wardrope

T.A. Wardrope writes weird fiction of many genres, sliding between horror, science fiction, and literary as if the boundaries were painted in water color on a Seattle sidewalk. Additionally, he writes creative essays on film, music and literature for various online outlets, notably Twin Cities Geek. In the past, his essays have also appeared on sites such as Hellnotes, Disinfo, and L’Etoile.

The science-fiction novel Arcadian Gates, written by T.A. Wardrope is published by Blastgun Books.

The past decade has seen short fiction penned by him published in the anthologies Zombie Kong, Cesspool, Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to the Misfits, and The Highest Power: A Tribute to G.G. Allin among others. His screenplay Nuada was a finalist for a McKnight Screenwriting Grant and went on to become the minor motion picture of the same name.

Before embarking on this current path of wordsmithing, he studied filmmaking at the University of Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, and acquired his M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Hamline University. He also was a participant in the Borderlands Press Horror Writer’s Boot Camp where he earned accolades for “writing truly weird shit.”

Now that is out of the way, he’d also like you to know that enjoys stout beer, whiskey, scotch, and for health reasons he no longer enjoys the subtle pleasures of smoking cigars. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has three very good Prince stories. He has other stories about growing up in the vibrant Twin Cities music scene, which also goes a long ways to explaining why he will often ask you to repeat a question with louder volume.