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Reptilian Royalty

I suppose given the subject matter of Sirius Business, a connection between my own research and that of David Icke is bound to be made. This is an unfortunate result of working in the same genre, but there is in fact very little cross-over between Icke’s alt-right fantasies and the results of my own research and exploratory work. I will confess that I have not read his books in detail, mostly because there is nothing in the presentation of his thesis that is intriguing.

A brief look at the relentless, rambling paragraphs of ¬†“The Biggest Secret” reveals a writing style whose goal is to try to convince the reader by barrage of words rather than reason, evidence or style at the very least. Anyway, this is not a book review. The essential core theory of his is that a blood dynasty of Human/Reptilian hybrids are “secretly” running the Earth. His theory also has these Reptilians as shape-shifters on one hand, and something like the Visitors from “V” on the other. The most well-known of these human skin wearing reptiles is the Queen of England. An idea that may come across as satire to most, but it is an idea that Icke presents in all seriousness.

Ostensibly, these hybrid Reptilians are engaged in an intelligence operation to ready the Earth for a full-blown invasion by the full-blown Reptilians from the Draco system (Yes, really). Now, if you follow the Icke theory, these agents have been at this work for hundred and hundreds of years. What is it exactly they are waiting for? Do they have some heightened sense of honor that only allows them to invade if it is some semblance of a fair fight? Are they twiddling their scaly fingers until humanity figures out both FTL travel and consistent and effective energy weapons?

Of course they aren’t. While Icke’s writing on this topic is fairly dated, the status quo with the Reptilians has been basically stable since 1954, possibly as early as 1948. They don’t want to invade the Earth, as they have no reason to. ¬†Whatever Truman, Eisenhower or possibly Stalin witnessed was effective enough to make an occupation unnecessary. (Much of this is covered in Encyclopedia Reptilica.) For the same reason, the Reptilians do not need to have hybrid offspring “secretly” running Western governments, either. They already have the upper hand.

However it is possible that Icke has accidentally come across evidence of the recent Aryan (of the cosmic variety, not the German) attempts to test how resolute the Reptilians are when it comes to the Earth influence treaty. These events may have led up to the current collusion between Reptilians and Aryans as it relates to world politics. Evidence strongly suggests that the rise of Trumpism is as much a result of Aryan influence as that of Putin. (The “Red Line” from Sputnik to Soviet contact with Aryans is another topic which will be dealt with later.) The Aryans are distinctly not Reptilian or Reptoid, though, so it is hard to see how Icke makes that long leap.

The shape-shifting thing is another bit of misinterpretation, rather than out-and-out fabrication, I believe. Personal cloaking and telepathic suggestions are within the toolkit of extraterrestrial espionage, but this idea that Reptilians have a fake human skin suit is patently ridiculous amongst a set of information that is nearly absurd to begin with. If nothing else, it shows a deep lack of knowledge of reptile biology and the role shedding an old skin. This may have also been the result of an encounter with a Chemeleonoid Reptilian, and their advanced camouflage biology, that has gotten more and more distorted in the retelling at countless UFO conventions.

These days it is hard to say for sure why people like Icke do what they do. I personally believe this is just a case of an opportunistic showman making it up as he goes, using the slightest information to maintain celebrity and authority. I do not think he is a knowing misinformation agent of the ESDA (Exopolitical Security & Defense Agency) even if he is doing plenty of work for them. While I welcome any serious research into Reptilians, I do think it is too bad that some prefer to muddy the waters further, make us all look crazy, and delay real disclosure of the actual threat posed by a lopsided agreement that was decided almost a generation ago.