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Project Blue Book, Coronavirus, and Billy Eilish

Believe it or not, I’ve been grinding away on Encyclopedia Reptilica for the last month and in between that and navigating my own way forward through pandemic I haven’t been updating. Yet, there are things to be said, so here is a few notes on the last few weeks in the worlds ’round us.

Project Blue Book

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Is a MONARCH cross-over too much to ask for?

I’m all caught up on Project Blue Book now, still singing it’s praises. Every episode incorporates more of the lore as the plot unfolds, and it feels to me to be more seamless than the X-Files pattern of monster/mythology episodes. It’s clear to me they are making an effort to balance known history with unconfirmed history and this balancing act makes it more entertaining. The introduction of LSD as part of the MK Ultra storyline was appropriate and should offer some great narrative rewards. The show is settling into it’s groove and having fun while it does it. The Skinwalker storyline may have gone a little too far into horror movie tropes, but I think the connection between seismic weapon experiments (See also Montauk) and subterranean cryptids wasn’t quite inappropriate. Not sure if I am disappointed or happy they didn’t reach toward Reptilian shape-shifters there. There is no evidence the Reptoids are, in fact, shapeshifters, so it is probably for the best.

I have to say I was really excited to see a reference to black triangle craft and submersible UFOs (USO) at the end of S2: E9 “Broken Arrow”. Black Triangles look like they have more of a connection with Siriusians (Reptilians) then Greys or Armanen (Aryans), so this is an interesting step toward exploring the connections between the Reptoids and the reptilian “fish people” and “snake people” that have been covered in the lore quite a bit. I doubt they will go there, but exciting anyway. (I should also point out that I mistakenly connected black triangles to the Armanen in my novel Arcadian Gates.)

In a perfect world, there would be a spin-off program covering the Stalinist Soviet interest in UFOs and the connections to their space program, but that’s probably out of reach for this program. Somewhere else, some other time maybe.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Star Trek screen cap "Avoid the Earth"

Say it before, say it again.

I’ve gotten some feedback from folks wondering about a connection between COVID-19 and the Reptilians. The quick answer is that there is none whatsoever. There is no evidence that they had anything to do with the pandemic outbreak and there is no reason they would. (I suppose you could make a serious reach and say that they could be playing with the theory that an outbreak was what really did the Dinosaurs in many millions of years ago, but established theories suggest that they know beyond a doubt that isn’t true.) If anything, the COVID-19 outbreak is counter to their needs, goals for life on Earth, and the terms of the ESDA Treaties.

It’s been established that the rise of Trumpism has some connection to increased influence of the Armanen upon Exopolitics. What happened between the Siriusians and Armanen has yet to be discovered, but they have been acting with more impunity over the last decade. Given the Trump administration’s tacit approval for the spread of COVID-19, it wouldn’t be too crazy to connect Trump’s government inaction to some goal of the Armanen. Genocide has long been a weapon of the Armanen, so pandemic as bioweapon is not such a crazy idea. Is it a jab at the Greys and Siriusians? Is it a way to weaken confidence in the ESDA? Is there some sort of Russian-Armanen “Red Line” alliance that is working to undermine the Western dominated ESDA? Possible, but unknown or unconfirmed.

Billy Eilish

Billy Eilish with green hair and green nails.

It’s not so subtle, really.

Like many people on the planet, I am a fan of Billy Eilish. She’s managed to merge subversive sneer with pop grooves in a way that feels both familiar, sincere, and current. Good for her. Upon seeing her Grammy look, though, it occurred to me that she might also be part of the Reptoid story. Her look for the Grammys could be described as posh-Reptilian, incorporating reptilian, scaly themes ,with stylish flourishes.  You could even make the case that the twin circles refer to the twin stars of Sirius, but that wouldn’t make total sense as it is more likely she is a Reptoid sympathizer and less likely she is connected to the Reptilians. This bit feels like a subtle hint to anyone watching that the Reptoids are still here and may even be preparing something more public. (Given the Armanen moves lately, it’s not out of the question they might be preparing a counter campaign.)

A close reading of “Bad Guy” reveals other hints of Reptoid sympathy. (Honestly, I can’t help but hear echoes of NIN’s “Reptile” for some reason.) Once you pull the lyrics out of the usual pop dressing, you can see the narrative is about a being who may or may not be entirely misrepresented. This is pretty much how Reptoid culture sees itself in a nutshell. Not to mention the “reptilian” audio phase effects on the bad guy lyric itself. This implies an otherworldly emphasis that can carry meaning in both subtext and subconscious effect. Given the antics the Armanen are up to, are the Reptoids really the “bad guys” after all? Something to consider.


We’ll discuss “you should see me in a crown” some other time.