Stalker movie still

More COVID-19, the joy of cinema, and some TV stuff too

The Armanen and COVID-19

Ah, it looks like I need to follow up to my last post about COVID-19 and ExoPolitics. Since I am deep into Encyclopedia Reptilica, I’ve all kinds of feelers out in hopes of catching news about the latest developments on Earth or in space. So, there have been some interesting events at Moonside Base concerning attempts by rogue elements to reach out to a recent Armanen delagation. There will be more on this later, but facts in the case do suggest that the Armanen have been reaching out through the Red Line to influence Trump’s reactions to the ongoing pandemic in the United States.

To be brief, some key takeaways:

  • Prior to Trump’s election, Putin’s KL (Red Moon) was in contact with the Armanen to discuss ways to challenge the ExoPolitical status quo.
  • Putin used his existing relationship and leverage with Trump to insure that he would be an asset if he was placed in the White House through a series of intelligence operations.
  • Once Trump was completely activated as an asset, he became to serve two important roles:
    • Disruptive “Agent of Influence” meant to hinder and disrupt all aspects of American society. (Please see this document for official Soviet-era notes about this practice.) I feel like I should emphasize this because otherwise thinking people seem to act surprised whenever Trump does something seemingly stupid or incompetent. Being incompetent is his role. Destroying and disrupting the United States is his entire job and possibly what is keeping him alive.
    • Infiltration and influence over the ESDA. While the exact relationship with ESDA and the American President is unclear, it’s not unreasonable that his war on the “Deep State” is really a steady siege on all the boundaries between him and access to this shadowy group. If ESDA is a growth or answer to MAJIC-12, I am not sure, but the record indicates few sitting Presidents have access to the organization, it’s budget, or its management. The creation of Space Force is a move toward creating an element in the West that is friendly to Armanen and developed into a possible asset against the Reptilians or Greys in some point in the future. (The hows and whys of galactic politics is beyond the scope of my work, so I can’t speak to this in any meaningful way.)

I don’t think the Armanen created COVID-19. They aren’t a position to make such a direct violation of the ESDA treaties. However, the work Trump is doing for Putin and Armanen by proxy is everything they hoped for. Any crisis would have served them just as well, it just happened that a global pandemic popped up before environmental disaster, technological disruption, or population shifts prompted an equally devastating crisis.

So, the real question isn’t why Trump is doing what he is doing. The real question is, why aren’t the Reptilians or Greys doing anything? Or are they?

The Tangible Pleasure of Cinema

For the last six months my movie, you know cinema, consumption has mostly been what I’ve seen in theaters and very seldom something on streaming. Perhaps its a grudging reluctance to complete embrace the shift from physical media to purely digital. (This has a lot to do with the death of my local video rental shack, I reckon.) Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been watching a lot of serialized media, you know, television. While we are well beyond the official “Golden Age” of television, there is a massive amounts of great work being done by artists who are making the most of their breadth and depth that telling a 12-hour story can provide.


I’ve taken to watching movies as much as I can on the weekend, because, you know what? Sometimes it’s nice to have the whole arc of story wrapped in one healthy two hour session. A well-designed and well-produced film can offer pleasures in excess of the running time and can stay with you as an experience that can be pivotal. This is deeply subjective, of course, but I would argue that cinema is such a concentrated dose of narrative visuals that when it works, it really, really works. Television can offer a more immersive and consuming experience, but perhaps the extended duration somehow dilutes it. I love “The Wire”, but I can’t see a time in the near future where I would just go in and rewatch the entire series. Honestly, I can’t think of any series I would sit down and rewatch end-to-end.


Speaking of television, I finally managed to consume HBO’s Chernobyl. It is quite good, as you no doubt have heard. I will tell you that it’s caused me no small amount of dissonance seeing places in the Soviet Union that I have been to while hearing nothing but English accents coming out of people’s mouths. That shit is cray cray. Very alienating. That’s one thing. Another thing is that kept bugging me is that I know I’d seen some of the images before and knew that it all felt very familiar. Then, I decided to take another look at Stalker, and there it was.

Very apropos.