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Elon Musk: Armanem Contactee?

I’ve had an Elon Musk post in the hopper for over a year now. I know many of you have been asking if I have gotten any inside info on him from my sources, but I’ve held off on commenting since doing so might risk my sources and hence access to more important stories and information. However, with recent events, it seems the Elon Musk card is very much in play so it behooves me to offer my salient commentary on the matter.

elon musk agent

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Elon Musk and Galactic Accord

Given Musk’s obsession with getting humanity into space ahead of the NASA curve, so to speak, it only makes sense that there would also be some effort from him or SpaceX to reach out to the ExoPoli. If Musk has proven anything, it’s that he tends to value his own counsel before all others. I have gotten no information, yet, that he has made contact with Reticulians or Siriusians. I would doubt that they would entertain his “diplomatic” overtures, because despite his ideas to the contrary, he doesn’t represent the dominant spacefaring power on the planet.

I have heard that ESDA has tracked efforts by SpaceX to contact specific ExoPoli in near Earth space, including some curious attempts to directly contact various individuals involved with Moonside Base. (I’ve been told some folks suspect SpaceX involvement in The Hunter Brown Incident, but that feels a like a bit of a stretch.) Either way, Elon is aware of the ExoPoli and has worked them into his own Galactic calculus, so to speak.

Galactic Federation

Speaking of Galactic calculus, it does seem quite likely that Musk or Muskovites do have their hands deep in the Galactic Federation pie. Thinking that Elon Musk is behind the Galactic Federation theory would be perfectly reasonable. The idea that a cabal of leading corporations are representing Earth’s best interest is certainly in line with his “Rich Man’s Burden” modus operandi. Certainly he and Putin are aligned with some element of ExoPoli. What is Putin if not the CEO of one of the largest criminal corporations on Earth? However, the recent Twitter move looks to be his first foray into direct engagement with the right wing culture war. Most likely the Galactic Federation theorists are recieving support from his proxies, if anything. I suppose we shall see how the Galactic Federation theorists benefit from the Muskovite algorithims.

Of course, if he is planning on actual communication with ExoPoli, he knows this is total bunk. We all know folks of his persuasion firmly believe in “do what I say not what I do” philosophy so there would be no problem selling Galactic Federation theory while engaging in diplomacy with members of the Galactic Accord.

Elon Musk the Space Libertarian?

On Earth, Libertarians have for the most part become the tools of right-wing authoritarians. Knowingly or not, in most cases they keep the doors open for the fash to become normalized. This is an insidious political trick, targeting the people who have the most socially liberal views (at least on an individual level) to carry foward a right-wing fascist program of control and domination. As I have said before, exopolitics are not that different from our own geopolitics.

I do not know if Musk believes in the libertarianism that he professes in public, but if he does it would make him a valuable “useful idiot” for the rogue Armanem who operate on Earth in violation of Galactic Accord. They, or their agents, could make a belieavable case that by bucking the authority of Reticulians, Armanam are not that different from him. Armanem defy the Accord much like Musk defies NASA. Armanem of the best interests of humanity in mind, knowing what is best for us even if we don’t know it yet. Armanem don’t care to meddle in Earthly politics, but they are really bothered when all the sides and options aren’t given their due.

Asset, Agent or Both?

Apologies to my friends and sources in the intelligence community! I know you can’t really be both an asset and an agent, at least in conventional intelligence spaces. However, I would say that like Bob Lazar, it might be possible to be both an agent for some enterprise while also being an asset for another. Let’s go back to the Galactic Federation example. Let’s suppose that Elon Musk actually sincerly beleives that he is doing the best for the less fortunate, and is also part of a corporate association dedicated to getting humanity into space fast. This association would be something like an OPEC, WTO, or IEA, except that its stated goal would be the advancement of human enterprise in space through private business interests. You could imagine that Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic would be key members. Let’s call this association Council for Galactic Humanity (CGH).

A covert Armanem agent could infilitrate the CGH and help guide the members toward forming policies which are directly in line with Armanem goals for Earth. They could persuade the members to reject all ESDA efforts as they relate to the Accord. They could convince them that Armanem, given their human-like appearance, are our best friends in space. The agent might even go so far as to propose the CGH create an alternate neutral zone that ignores or competes with Moonside Base. You get the idea.

In this way, Musk would be an asset for the Armanem. He would not know what he is actually doing (insert snark here) but would be actively advancing the Earthly designs of the Armanem. Musk would be under the sway of a very convincing power, even if he was totally unaware he was under the sway of this power. (Let me just say that I have mutuals with Grimes and they assure me she is not an Armanem agent – let’s nip that in the bud.)

Okay, is Elon Musk an Armanem Agent?

I don’t think so, the sources aren’t very confident in this theory. However, given his fondness for the Putin/Trump axis, it is quite likely they are making him part of their pro-Armanem agenda. I don’t see any part of this three headed monster would keep this kind of secret from each other, especially given the more tawdry info they have on each other already.

Musk may not have direct contact with an Armanem “handler”, but it is very likely that he has been read in to the how and why of what Putin/Trump are up to. So, he is an agent by a degree, I suppose.

What Does it All Mean?

Put it all together and it really doesn’t change anything you were probably already doing. Be vigilant, be suspect of anything that the Putin/Trump/Musk axis touches. Be extra judicious of information you source primarilly from Twitter. Think twice before you sign up for the trip to Mars! You might be going somewhere much further away, lol.

…and remember the skies are watching you! 



When will you talk about the delay in the UAP report that was due last week? – Abbie JK, Indiana

I think I did a little bit. I don’t think it is a coincidnce that there were several high profile editorials calling for a reasonable assesment of the UAP matter the very week it was scheduled to be released, and then this whole Muskovite thing shortly afterwards. We all know the editorials are par for the course for any ESDA operation around disclosure, but the Twitterversy is a clue that the stakes have been raised somewhere in the shadows of the ExoPoli.

It is obvious they have some solid evidence of something, and they will leak out a tiny bit of whatever it might be amidst a storm of disinformation and confusion.

Why are you so political? – Ralph C, Texas

Who smelt it, dealt it! Seriously, if the whole Putin/Trump/Armanem chain of command doesn’t creep you out, consider that every step we’ve taken towards any disclosure has come from Democratic administrations. From Truman on down, UFO/UAP disclosure has been a solidly blue issue.