bob lazar the man the meme

Bob Lazar “The reluctant UFO messiah”

Bob Lazar the reluctant uap messiah

Bob Lazar, the man and the meme.

In my last post I mentioned that I would publish some commentary on the continuing #BobLazar controversy on Twitter. Between you and me, dear readers, I had hoped the drama would have subsided so I could just ignore it. However, it persists and it looks like it won’t be going away. My friends in EWO tell me it would be a notable void in my work which would make me not be taken seriously in the wider world of UAP research. God knows I want nothing more than to be taken seriously in the UAP community.

Bob Lazar – the facts.

Anyway, here are the facts I can clean from my own research as well as the work done by others. Bob Lazar’s story is both true and untrue, because Bob Lazar is both real and unreal. I know that last sentence might be bit, um, noodly for many folks out there. This is another matter that will need to be addressed in the future, but for now, let me just say that most of our understanding of ExoPoli and transdimensional realities has been seriously kneecapped by a few well-intentioned but ill-informed folks. Their representation of cosmic reality is as advanced as scratches on a cave wall.

So, back to the point. Yes, Bob Lazar is a real person who does real interviews on real TV shows. He also writes real books. However, there is also another “shadow” Lazar that is deeply connected to ESDA projects for several decades now. I have sources that call this “Project Lazer” but I am not sure if it that is a joke or not. Probably both, given the topic, lol.

While the ESDA at times can seem maddingly enigmatic, it is useful to remember that is exactly what thier unfathomable budget pays for. This is a misinformation, disinformation, and communications agency that manages access to info that concerns what some consider to be the highest level of global security. This is a project that has, if you will, its own CIA, its own NSA, its own FBI, and its own NASA all covered by it’s own shadowy organizational umbrella. You could say, for that matter, that ESDA itself is both real and unreal.

Bob Lazar Meme

That’s a bit of a digression. The point is that while there is a real Bob Lazar, there is also a memetic Bob Lazar that lives on despite his efforts to control the Bob Lazar narrative. Because of the nature and scope of the project, it is quite likely that Bob Lazar (I) isn’t entirely aware of where he ends and Bob Lazar (II) begins. More to the point, this is why folks who are so hell-bent on interrogating the truth of Lazar’s story are doomed to endless frustration. There is no truth to the story. There are many truths within the stories. There are also many more untruths within the stories.

The whole thing is mythically devious. The harder you search for a single documentable truth the more lost you will eventually become. The better you get at holding both real/unreal in your rhetorical hands the better you will be at seeing the whole picture. It’s exactly like those Magic Eye puzzles where you have to cross your eyes to see the hidden picture.

bob lazar magic eye


Bob Lazar – the answer.

As my friends in EWO pointed out, the memetic Bob Lazar is key to any UAP research and certainly my own Reptilica project. Project Lazer, with its complexity and nuances, is typical of the sort of realities that researchers need to learn how to navigate. Happily, like a Magic Eye puzzle, once you get the process down it is remarkably easy to begin to tease out the engima that ESDA is busy wrapping ExoPoli up in.

In summary, tl;dr, Bob Lazar does hold a key to unlocking a bit of the UAP/ExoPoli puzzle, but just not in the very mundane way many researchers imagine it does. Somewhere between Bob Lazar, the man and Bob Lazar, the meme, we can see something which will show us the truth. Such as it is.

As always, remember the skies are watching you.


Q: Isn’t it more than a co-incidence that Bob Lazar shares a name with the inimitable J.R. “Bob” Dobbs? -Charles in New Hampshire, USA

A: I think that is a pretty fair deduction. J.R. “Bob” Dobbs predates the memetic Bob Lazar by almost a decade. I know my friendly sources in the ESDA are familiar with the Sub-Genius and were members “back in the day”, so the liklehood of the connection is not, um, astronomical. Which isn’t to say that it’s just a clever nod or shibboleth for the initiated. Seeing the reference only increases the memetic power of Project Lazer. Much like DIA, a secret in plain sight is the way.

Q: Is “Beavis and Butt-head Do The Universe” an ESDA project? -Jackie in Colorado, USA

A: Good question. I can’t say for certain and I have no sources that are willing to comment, deny, or confirm. It has space and aliens in it, so it should fall under their oversight. “Smart” Beavis and Butt-Head are certainly a nod to the quantum (un)realities discussed in this very post. So…possibly?