Trump the Armanem Agent

What about Trump Clones, QAnon, and the Armanem Aliens?

The Trump Florence Rally

Trump the Armanem Agent

Figure 1: Trump the Armanem Agent (Courtesy Jamm Aster, EWO Chapter 520)

Alright, one of the top 10 rules of writing anything, fiction or non-fiction, is that you go where the story takes you. I have to say, this has never been more true than it has been the last few years as I’ve worked on the Encyclopedia Reptilica project and the many tangents it has sent me to chase down. I am not paranoid enough to imagine this is a web created to distract me from the real work, but the thought has crossed my mind.

Anyway, more to the point, an EWO member from Chapter 520 brought an interesting detail to my attention that is worth commenting on. Their screen handle is Jamm Aster and they were on the scene for the Trump rally in Florence, AZ a few weeks ago. Now, this rally has been covered pretty well elsewhere, with QAnon Anonymous having a notably solid report from the event. That’s all weird enough, but Jamm reported on the growing sub theory regarding the possibility that post-2021 Trump is actually a clone. They point out to changes in his behavior during public events and disruptions in his well-practiced speaking style. Now, you could point out this could be the result of a narcissistic personality going supernova, but that idea is presented strongly elsewhere.

Let’s consider the Trump Clone Theory. Now, the possibility that Trump is an Armanem agent as an useful idiot or a turned asset is well-documented and very strong. How exactly this has been put into place is a little less certain, with Red Line connections through SEKA (Spetsial’noye ispolnitel’noye kosmicheskoye agentstvo) one option, and direct handling by a select set of Armanem Infiltration agents the other. Now if there is an Armanem agent directly handling him, the clone theory is within the realm of possibility. I say this because it is likely that Trump will have a serious physical health crisis in the near future if he hasn’t already. If this lands the actual, factual Trump in his grave, this would be a serious speed bump to the Armanem Agenda in 2022.

The Armanem Agenda in 2022

Diagram of Armanem infiltration of Trump

Figure 2: What we know about the Armanem Agenda in 2022. (Courtesy Jamm Aster, EWO Chapter 520)

In some ways, the politically defeated Trump is more useful to the Armanem. This is not a new tactic in Earthly geopolitic, so there’s no reason to think conflict oriented ExoPoli would be averse to using it. The CIA propped up the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to divert and drain Soviet resources. Someone supported ISIS and other insurgent groups to drain and divert United States and NATO resources. In this way, Trump and his supporters can use their dwindling resources to continue a psychological and increasingly physical terror campaign of harassment that is intended to disrupt but never be victorious in a traditional sense. The longer Trumpers “lose” the more work they are doing for the Armanem. The less the United States can focus on holding up their part of the Galactic Accord the better off the Armanem are. This is not new news.

Given this, the Armanem have every reason to use their abilities to create a proxy Trump to carry on the work in the event he should no longer be a viable human being. This may just be easier for them than grooming a workable replacement if they can literally create a replacement Trump. I don’t know if Armanem have this technology, but with the personal cloaking devices that are known to be used by Siriusians, I wouldn’t say this is impossible. We should fully prepare ourselves for the possibility of an active Trump clone to be active for years to come.

Let’s talk a short bit about Figure 2. Essentially, because the Armanem have been acting for sometime in direct violation of the Galactic Accord their activities are decentralized and small scale in nature. Their agents spend a short time on Earth, support the projects as they need to, and then scoot back up to Moonside as soon as there is a convenient window to do so. (Given this,”The Hunter Brown Incident” is even more inexplicable, but that will be covered elsewhere.) There is plenty of overlap between QAnon, Trump MAGA, Galactic Federation Theorists, Draco Cults, for example, but they are all separate projects that very likely have different Armanem “handlers”. Again, due to the realities of ExoPoli, these groups don’t need to win. They will never win. They are merely tools used by Armanem to thwart the Siriusian hold on Earth.

They are a distraction, ultimately, but one that is unfortunately becoming more relevant to our consideration of the Reptoid/Siriusian conflict. This conflict is the much more important one, and the one that ESDA will go to great lengths to obscure and distort. Something to keep in mind, I certainly try to.

Remember, the skies are watching you.