What “V” gets right and wrong about Reptilians

In a recent blog I commented on my research in relation to the work of David Icke, and I realized after that I need to discuss another but of culture that in some ways complements but also contradicts what I have discovered about Reptilians and Reptoids (As I have mentioned elsewhere, these are two distinct populations.) I am talking about the television miniseries “V”, written and directed by Kenneth Johnson, that was released in 1983 by ABC. For those of you not in the know, this show was major event which featured Hollywood-quality special effects (for the time), noted genre actors such as Marc Singer, Richard Lawson, Jane Badler, Richard Herd, and Robert Englund. The 1984 sequel “V: The Final Battle”, produced by NBC, featured no less than the inimitable Micheal Ironside as a shady covert ops specialist. Writer/Director Kenneth Johnson was also the force behind landmark shows such as The Bionic Woman (1976), The Incredible Hulk (1977), and Alien Nation (1989).

Really, they are!

Again, for those who are not in the know about this show, it concerns the events that occur when a group of 50 alien motherships (flying saucer “Grey” variety) arrive over major Earth cities. Initially, they present themselves as wanting to be good neighbors and offer cures and technology in exchange for Earth resources such as water. As the Earthlings get more comfortable with the Visitors, they rachet up the demands and the fascism. Soon, they are basically an occupation force and a group of intrepid rebels discovers the even darker goals that the their friendly fascism hides. The show was parts The Twilight Zone: “To Serve Man”(1962), They Live (1988) and The Man in the High Castle (2015).

One of the turning points in the show is the revelation that the Visitors are in fact Reptilians from the Sirius system that wear human skin suits to disguise their appearance (See above). Pretty cool, right? I have to admit that I was shocked to discover the galactic origins of these television Reptilians. This is a pretty remarkable connection to make, given that much of the popular research into Reptilians has occurred post 1999 in reaction to David Icke’s unfortunate but notorious work on the subject. While the UFO community has speculated about Reptilians since 1945, there had not been, to my knowledge, a general awareness of Siriusians until recently. (Noteworthy, as I indicated earlier, that Icke has his aliens visiting from the Draco System, not Sirius.)

While V does get this particular detail right, the show leans on well-known ideas about alien invasion that have their roots in very Earthly ideas about conquest and invasion. To be fair, the show isn’t really about aliens, per the creator, but an exploration of facism in America through a genre lens. Still, it is about aliens, and reptilian ones, at that, so it has to be considered as a major and peculiar entry in the lore. In reality, the Siriusians don’t have any conquest designs on Earth, and the show’s early episodes do show some representation of their preference for politics and diplomacy over blatant use of force. However, series creator Johnson sees this as a pretext to full-on occupation and that is a step outside the protocol of the Siriusians.

The skin-peeling thing is just a Hollywood fabrication which is a strange pre-cursor to Icke’s shape shifting theories. (Though to be fair, pulp fiction of the 1930’s had it’s own shape shifting reptile people in a dark fantasy and high fantasy context.) While the idea isn’t unique, it is strangely persistent, along with other misunderstandings of Reptilian abilities and behavior. Some of the Reptilians have been known to have a cloaking ability which combines psychic suggestion with nano technology, but that is a topic that is best covered elsewhere. However, this is usually used for the benefit of their contact with ambassadors or other representatives of their subjects and not as part of a widespread deception. Likewise, the idea of arriving in atmosphere, en masse, is completely antithetical to Reptilian protocol and a total violation of the Eisenhower/Truman Doctrine (ETD). Even if they did arrive in atmosphere, Reptilian craft have no resemblance to the flying saucers more correctly attributed to the “Greys” of popular UFO theory. (For more info on this, look to the upcoming history of “Star Arrows” in Encyclopedia Reptilica.)

While I can’t say for certainty what the Siriusians want from humanity and Earth, I think it is clear it is not (spoiler) food or water to feed a dying population. The Siriusians are doing pretty well, as far as galactic civilizations go, and their interest in Earth is mostly a matter of strategic positioning and not necessarily a source for vital resources. There is not a lot of information about what they want, for obvious reasons, but it looks to be something more specific such as genomic history or evolutionary data. Quite possible that their interest is an archaeological or zoological nature, as they must have great interest in the dinosaurs of our own distant past.

The most interesting thing about V is it’s pre-production and development. While the CIA has had it’s own connections in show business to guard and protect it’s secrets, the ESDA (Exopolitical Security & Defense Agency) has had similar assets in place since the ETD, circa 1948-1953. While the contacts between the ESDA (disguised oddly enough as CIA agents) and the creators of Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) have been covered elsewhere, it is more interesting to me that V was part of “Operation Albino Cobra”, run by ESDA agent Robert Cushing.

In the early 1980’s, Cushing approached Johnson, who was something of a TV science-fiction mogul, about developing the V mini-series in the midst of a renewed interest in Exopolitics in the wake of Star Wars(1977), E.T. the Extraterrestrial (1982) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977). This connection explains how Johnson got some details very close while also missing the mark entirely on other points. The disinformation effect of this is obvious, as it steers narratives which feature facts (Sirius) into the realm of alien invasion tropes that have long been established by the ESDA since the 1950’s. (For more current examples, see Independence Day (1996), or Battle: Los Angeles (2011)).


I am quite aware that since V is a work of science-fiction, it has no obligation to be factually correct, but it is very interesting what it gets right and equally as interesting what it gets wrong. The program works well as both genre event television and calculated misinformation. In the end, both of these things may very well undermine what it was intended for in the long run. V will not be the last word on Reptilians, on Siriusians, but rather a launching point for further discussion. Once a deception is discovered, it very often will reveal the truth it was intended to disguise or distract from. In this way, a consideration of this notable program can reveal much of what we should know and don’t know about our neighbors from Sirius.


1.) The fan club for V (The Fifth Column, last updated in 2017) has a bit of fanfic that covers the origins of the Visitors. They chose to call them Sirians, which strikes me as confusing and probably offensive to the Siriusians. (You don’t call Venusians “Venuians”.) Their history is completely a work of fiction, as you’d expect, but it is notable that the name for the Visitors fictional galactic rivals “K’zzizk” is similar to Siriusian linguistics. The “K” isn’t really part of their speech, but the rest of the word is quite close. A more accurate word would be Shik-Zzishik.

2.) In 2018, it appears that plans for a V revival movie were wrapped up in a con involving someone using the name of Desilu studios to package film projects and steal money from investors. Recently, creator Kenneth Johnson reported on his personal page that this was in the past and they are moving forward with a new movie. At the end of this update, he notes that “V is both timeless and particularly timely at this moment in our country’s
history — and the world’s.”