beard dude with tin foil hat

Disclosure and Operation Tin Foil Hat

Operation Tin Foil Hat is actually an umbrella term that covers many disinformation campaigns released into the wild by ESDA. These range from “expert actors” who are known figures on the paranormal and UFO convention circuit. It also includes books, writers inserted into film and television projects, and radio personalities. Some sources say that MKWIND (a derivative of MKNAOMI) was transferred from CIA OTS to ESDA. Eventually it became a key part of Operation Tin Foil Hat.


MKULTRA is believed by many to be a “mind control” project. In fact it was a “mind softening” project. LSD can make people more suggestible, certainly, but there is little evidence that it allows for actual mind control to occur. However, under MKWIND, the project evolved into actual mind control research experiments. Herein lies the irony with the entire project. MKWIND used electronic frequencies to manipulate targets into believing they were being manipulated by external identities. Other potential side effects include hallucinations, disordered thinking, obsessive thinking, and panic attacks. High yield assets were dosed with drugs intended to deliver very specific effects. In other words, the mind control signals made people believe they were being attacked by mind control space lasers.

The goal for MKWIND isn’t to limit these voices, but rather to amplify and multiply them. For every legitimate story with facts that could lead to disclosure, there are quite possibly hundreds of variations that add several layers of confusion. Because of the nature of MKWIND, ESDA doesn’t even necessarily know what this obfuscation will be. So, it will feel less stage managed by the community it is targeted toward. This is wicked and wonderfully efficient.


Operation Tin Foil Hat and MKWIND have evolved alongside the media. Efforts are now more focused on the social media channels that all disinfo programs favor in the 21st Century. They haven’t abandoned the vast troves of material they have cultivated over the years. They have expanded to reach new generations and the new audiences they provide. Using social media algorithms and the digital addiction profiles, this updated operation has expanded and expedited disinformation.

The scope of ESDA includes managing disclosure and doing everything it can to obfuscate the details. One of ESDA’s missions is to manage the public perception of Exopolitics, not deny their existence in toto. By controlling the entire spectrum of information around Exopolitics, ESDA ensures the no single person or group will have more information about our relationships beyond our planet than they do. By creating multiple streams of truth, the potential arguments and factions increase mathematically.


No matter what specifically is revealed in June, 2021, you can expect a storm of Operation Foil Hat projects. There will be a surge of this material across the entire range of UFO content. There may be more cult activity. (Possible that QAnon will pivot from Satanism to Exopolitics.) There will be more looney tunes social media activity. There may even be a film or television show that will reveal things that mirror whatever finds it’s way out of the government. These shows will spin the story into very creative directions. This promotes the sentiment that Exopolitics is the realm of make-believe.

So, the end result is that popular media and public sentiment will likely shift from “If you think UFOs are real you are a little crazy.” to “There are things up there but we can’t confirm exactly what they are and neither can YOU.” The needle will shift a little closer to disclosure. However the general awareness of Siriusians, Armanem, and the ESDA itself will still be very, very, far from what most people consider an actual part of our reality. Operation Foil Hat will continue to push conversation into the ludicrous, and the rest of us will continue to do what we do.

Remember, the skies are watching you.