Zeta Reticulan in Regulator Uniform Galactic Accord Galactic Federation

The Truth About the Galactic Federation and ESDA

There’s been a lot of chatter out there in the last few months about the “Galactic Federation”. This is partly due to renewed interest in disclosure due to popular awareness of the UAP videos and the resultant spike in discussion of Tic Tac craft. More prodding of this conversation has come as a natural digression from discussion of the billionaire space programs and their historical efforts toward privately funded space flight. Anyone in the UFO information space should be aware of the massive amount of competing information regarding alien interactions with humanity.

I am aware that I am another source in this din, and I am also aware that much of my information runs counter to some of the louder voices in the UFO community. That’s fine, as my own point of view is that any voice that claims to be the absolute authority on a subject as nebulous as expolitics should be treated with even greater skepticism. My sources are are vetted as best they can be and I am interpreting the narratives I get honestly and with an eye towards presenting a story as free as possible from ESDA disinformation campaigns.

Zeta Reticulan in Regulator Uniform Galactic Accord Galactic Federation

A Zeta Reticulan in a standard Galactic Accord Regulator uniform. (Illustration Courtesy of EWO Chapter 5)

The Galactic Federation

Now, having said that, I feel like I need to make some things very clear. There is nothing coming from my sources inside the ESDA, from my friends in the EWO, my friends in MUFON, or sources in the normie branches of the military that lends any credence to Galactic Federation theory. While this hypothesis trades on some established ideas and facts regarding Earth’s relation to our galaxy, so do some very good fictional books, television shows or streams, and movies. I’ve already touched on the ESDA role in creating a disclosure prep narrative in earlier content.

Seeing no legitimate source for this information, it needs to be treated as misinformation or something else. I can’t say these theories have the hallmarks of an ESDA campaign, as they lack the internal logic of ESDA leaks. Likewise, as theses theories work more toward creating an alternate narrative their goals look to be more aligned with conspiracy stuff that Armanem and their sympathizers try to get out into the world. Yet, even as I type that, I am reminded that Galactic Federation theory keeps the Armanem in their role as galactic neighborhood aggressor. Thought it should be said that some of the “contactees” in this realm do mention benevolent Armanem, which makes it all the more confusing. Then again, the Finns picked Hitler over Stalin in WW2 so maybe it isn’t that weird in the grand scheme of human behavior. One human’s aggressor could be another humans guardian angel. Either way, I don’t see these theories as being all that useful. They are confusing at best and troublesome in the worst case. Has the Galactic Accord gotten so weak that the Armanem are able to influence and create so many of their own agents on Earth?

The Galactic Accord

So, let me make some the differences between the Galactic Accord and the Galactic Federation theory.

Galactic Federation

There is a galactic federation of planets (not unlike the United Federation of Planets from Star Trek) which is dedicated to peace, love, and cosmic evolution. This is a consortium of worlds that exist in galactic harmony and are working with Earth’s powerful human elites to prepare our civilization for an eventual membership in the Galactic Federation. To this end, they have also assisted United States Space Force in the destruction of Fourth Reich (Armanem) shadow fleets based in Antarctica and elsewhere. The may or may not have also engaged in conflict with the types of Reptilians favored by QAnon theory. Depending on who is talking, of course.

Galactic Accord

There are agreements between various galactic powers which delineate who can be where and what they can do when they get there. For the most part these accords manage relationships between Second Cycle, Third Cycle and Fourth Cycle civilizations. Earth is a Fourth Cycle civilization whereas the Armanem are a Second Cycle civilization. The Encyclopedia Reptilica will go into much greater detail about the entire Cycle structure.

The Accord process dictates how a higher Cycle can relate to a lower Cycle. In the case of our own Earth, leading members of the leading nation on our planet, the United States, won the ability to have an Accord with a Third Cycle civilization, the Siriusians. Until this Accord expires or is substantially violated, the Siriusians have exclusive access to Earth, unless under special exemptions allowed by the enforcing First Cycle civilization.

As you can see, the Galactic Accord is a much clearer and believable description of our Galactic neighborhood. It also offers much in the way of explanation than the Utopian dreams (and grand illusion) that the Galactic Federation theory offers. Quite simply, the mantra of “As above, so below” is very apt. Why would a harmonic galactic order be so inept in the face of the basic brutality of slightly evolved primates? If they did have a “Prime Directive” they have already violated it in many ways over the centuries (according the Galactic Federations own proponents).

Galactic Accord Map rather than Galactic Federation

Galactic Accord illustration showing Siriusian Accord (Courtesy EWO Chapter 17)

Encyclopedia Reptilica

I will admit that researching the myth of the Galactic Federation over the last few months has drawn my attention away from Encyclopedia Reptilica. So, while it is important to keep tabs on this sort of thing, I have to remind myself that it still is just a sidestory of the main exopolitical drama that is unfolding in our skies. I really do need to focus on the Siriusian/Reptilian angle and not let the Armanem antics distract me. So, the book will be finished but it likely will not be in 2021. I do feel very strongly about the project and I think many of you will find value in the way it will update the discussion around galactic politics and the role of the Galactic Accord during some of humanity’s most troubled centuries.

(Yikes! What if the Armanem are somehow now acting in cahoots with either of them in order to draw attention away from the increasing tension between the two rival Sauro sapiens groups? This seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened, as they say.)

Remember, the skies are watching you!

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