the devil watches snakes in a coil

So, about that writing thing.

People are often kind enough to ask what I am writing these days, and as flattering as it is, it can also be a bit frustrating. I am doing a lot of writing and not doing very much writing. It is complicated, but so is life. I have responded well to deadline-driven projects like my film writing for Twin Cities Geek, or for various contests and anthologies that inspire me or are in-line with projects I already have underway.

I have also taken to using the “timelines” system of thinking about my own worlds. It helps me organize my thinking and helps me craft the stories when I get to them. By knowing which timeline each story belongs in, that gives me an instant context and world-building to draw upon. Each timeline is based on a global way of thinking I have about a particular genre. So, for the curious, I’ll break it down here.

Sirius Business

Sirius Business is the overall name for the projects, fiction, non-fiction and both, that deal with Reptoids, Reptilians and variations thereof. I currently have two projects that have been outlined and are getting words put down in their respective stories. Likely, Encyclopedia Reptilica will be the first to make it to release. This is an anthology set in various eras and key events in Reptoid history. This is about half-done. The Rise of the Five Dragons (working title), has been in process for awhile, but should make it to light in the next year or so, I hope. This is the first novel in a series about events related to the stories in Encyclopedia Reptilica. This has been casually pitched as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, except better.


This is a horror/dark weird world that has prompted some short stories, most notably the bits in the Cesspool anthology from a few years back. Pretty much all of my horror fiction will get wrapped up into this, I think. This is a long-term project and I don’t see releasing anything in print for a bit yet. However, I am pretty excited about this, and the outlining and brainstorming have been pretty intense. So, I am looking forward to getting this cooking.

Arcadian Gates

While there is a sequel plotted, and I have written a few short stories that take place in the world of this novel, I am putting this science-fiction stuff on the back-burner for now. The rise of Trump and the various conspiracies around that make this fictional world feel a bit quaint. There is a novel/tv script that takes place as a prequel to the events of Aracadian Gates, and I am interested in getting that finished and out in the world. Working title is The White Ghost, and it is solidly in the action-thriller category.

That’s the big three, anyway, I write as I am able and hope to get these going in a meaningful way in the near future. Hey, if I am hit by a bus or never write again, at least I got the ideas out there somehow, right?