rotting king kong with zombie kong title

Zombie Kong Anthology

My short “The Upright Gorilla” is part of the Zombie Kong Anthology. Check it out!

“Zombies are bad, but ZOMBIE KONG is worse. Way worse.

Big. Bad. Heavy. Hungry.
From James Roy Daley, the man that brought you the highly successful BEST NEW ZOMBIE TALES series, comes the most original zombie anthology of all time.
In the jungles, in the arctic, in the cities, in the towns — Zombie Kong rules them all. All other zombies must bow to their god…

A must have for any zombie enthusiast!

Dr. Steven Rutgers – Understanding Zombie Kong
Shelley Ontis – Manny’s Candy
David Niall Wilson – In Today’s News (Somewhere In Suburbia – Part 1)
Simon McCaffery – The Boys In Company Z
Steve Ruthenbeck – Lyceum
Adrian Ludens -The Elephant In The Room
Amanda C. Davis – Escape From Ape City
Mark Onspaugh – Dear Fay Wray, We Need Your Help…
Gustavo Bondoni – Shadow Of The Gorilla
Rebecca Snow – Monkey See
Megan R. Engelhardt – The Gorilla That Would Not Die!
Tonia Brown – My Life Was Saved By Coffee (Somewhere In Suburbia – Part 2)
Michael O’Neal – Kooking With Kong
Max Vile – Bits & Pieces
Trever Palmer – Reach For The Sky
TW Brown – Iced
William Meikle – The Dreams That Stuff Is Made Of
T. A. Wardrope – The Upright Gorilla”