Paul Hellyer and the Reptoid Cabal

Paul Hellyer was Minister of Defense of Canada from 1963-1967, and this was the capstone for what was a pretty mercurial political career. He was very concerned about United States influence in Canada’s economy and militarization of space. Despite this, he was a pretty low-profile figure who went on to write several books about economics. This changed when he saw the 2005 Peter Jennings’s documentary “Seeing is Believing”, and subsequently read Col. Philip John Corso’s controversial book “The Day After Roswell”. Corso claims insider knowledge of reverse engineering alien spacecraft, claims that many equally controversial figures have discounted.

the day after roswell book cover

The Day After Roswell – Hellyer’s Epiphany

Paul Hellyer denies any knowledge of UFO activity during his tenure in the Ministry of Defense, but he also cites high-level American military people who support Corso’s version of the Roswell incident. He’s made many interesting claims since he went on the offense regarding Earth relations with extra-terrestrials, and it is possible he is playing a non-disclosure two-step as a way of pushing the agenda but still remaining in the good graces of those around him.

The general line of Hellyer’s crusade is that elites within a transnational shadow government have a compact with alien governments to trade technology in exchange for access to various Terran resources. This is going pretty far out on a limb for someone that has no specific knowledge of such things.

Despite this, the biggest piece of news that Hellyer has brought to light was the revelation that one of the purposes of the Canadian Armed Forces base at Suffield also doubled as a landing site or contact point for UFOs. The theory, as explained, was that rather than shooting down a UFO, the air force could force them or guide them into a landing at a controlled site at Suffield. Hellyer leaked the story of Suffield to the local press in 1967, but left it at that.

An attentive reader can see that there are curious and more curious parts to all of this. The disclosure two-step is a dance Hellyer knows very well. On the one hand he claims that he had no insider knowledge about UFOs during his career as an official, and on the other he is releasing UFO information to the press. His entire current career as an expert on exopolitics is based on a first-hand knowledge of the secret elites that sit on the other side of the disclosure line.

Of course, not everyone in government are the people we would like them to be. Even the epic leaders of history had personal quirks that would not play well if they were publically known. So perhaps Mr. Hellyer started to get a little too eccentric and that drove him from the upper levels of Canadian politics. This doesn’t mean he is wrong, but that is one story that could be told from the information in hand. He could be an expert who’s gotten a little out there and allowed his laurels to carry him further than he might get otherwise. The UFO community is full of “experts” that use past authority as a card against serious scrutiny.

Personally, I think Hellyer is fairly close to the truth, whether by imagination or fact. If the Canadians did use Suffield as a potential site for UFO landings, they’d be a couple of decades behind the United States and potentially others. (We could go back to the interactions in ancient history between Greys, Whites and ancient people, too.)

Given Mr. Hellyer’s dislike for US involvement in Canadian politics, it’s possible that there was some sort of shadow partnership that allowed for “traffic” to land in Canada that was not allowed in U.S. airspace. We should remember that there were several interactions between Eisenhower and entities, not the least of which was the Siriusian Return, beginning in 1948 (1). Perhaps the landing area in Canada was the result of those treaties, of Canada being forced into a program it may not have been entirely aware of. I have to wonder if Hellyer’s leak wasn’t a way of getting back at the U.S. control over Canadian airspace. A Snowden style leak done in an old school way.

I should point out at this point that the somewhat dubious “news site” ZNN took great exception to a Washington Post news story that placed Hellyer in contact with Russian agents who gave him a privileged look at Snowden’s leaked information about UFOs. Ignoring the fact that this website looks like it is somehow indirectly connected to Hellyer, I have to concur that the idea of Hellyer making this sort of trip or connection is unlikely. This would be contrary to his agenda of working against this cabal of insiders. Whatever information Snowden may or may not have about UFOs has since been swallowed up by the elites that Hellyer supposedly is warning us about. He can’t both be communicating with Russian intelligence at a high level and be working for disclosure, can he?

Returning to the Canadian problem. Maybe the landing site itself was a direct challenge to the US program, an alternative site that UFOs could choose over the usual spaces given them by Washington. The craft appear to be able to go wherever they like, so maybe they would want to meet with another welcoming government, especially given the turbulence that was emerging in the 1960’s in the United States.

This is fine to speculate about, but the thrust of what Hellyer is discussing now is about a transnational group (cabal) that has ongoing understandings with a group of extraterrestrial visitors (2). The more paranoid among us will grasp wildly in the unknown; some claim this group is within the United Nations, some will ascribe it to a religious group, and some might claim this connection is the final endgame of any number of fraternal groups. Hellyer sees it as a more of a club among government professionals, those who “know” and those who do not. In this, he doesn’t go quite far enough.

The fact is, since Eisenhower’s treaty with Siriusians, maybe others, in 1948, there has been a widening circle of officials and private citizens with necessary knowledge of whatever arrangements exist. They won’t disclose because they’ve seen the power up close and personal, or they know something about the deal and think it’s a pretty good one. Hellyer himself doesn’t say there is anything nefarious going on, besides the usual human problem of a small group seeking advantage, he worries more about the human reaction to the aliens.

Maybe again Hellyer is playing a two-step. He wants to stop the space arms race for fear of triggering an accidental interstellar war that humanity couldn’t really expect to win. Yet, at the same time he may be inadvertently provoking the kind of panic that would lead to this happening. If full disclosure were to happen tomorrow, there would certainly be those that call for severing all ties with anyone not from this Earth. What would happen then? Civil war below? Space war above?

Whatever the truth is, Paul Hellyer is, as they say, a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. This could be the answer, though. This mass of confusion and double-messages can be a disclosure of sorts. There is something behind all of it, something no one who is actually connected will or can talk about. This isn’t unlike a magician who is waving one hand wildly around while the other manipulates the slight levers near his opposite wrist. Both hands are involved in the same trick, both have the same goal and both are doing the bidding of the same will. The rest of us can heckle and theorize, but until we step backstage, we’ll never know what the magic is and how it works.

1. This era marks the first record of modern contact with a Siriusian spacecraft, and the first categorical
definition of Reptoids and Reptilians.

2. Interestingly, one of Hellyer’s more extravagant statements was a discussion of the various extraterrestrials that he is aware of. There was no mention of either variety of Saurians (Reptoid or Reptilian) in his catalog of the intergalactic federation. Why is this?