uap chinese spy balloon

What about the Chinese Spy Balloon and UAP/UFO?

Like many, I have lost track of just how many Chinese Spy Balloons have been shot down as of this writing. It is under five, that’s for sure, but it could grow substantially. I know the internet is still a bit divided over what these UAP are, but for the sake of commom reference, I’ll carry forward the Chinese Spy Balloon monker. I don’t think there is a lot of debate that the first object was a Chinese surveillance asset. I know there is a some debate. There is always some debate — especially among the very opionionated bots.

uap chinese spy balloon

Does it matter?

Anytime anyone shoots down a foreign spy craft, it’s a big deal but it’s not outside he norms of acceptable behaviour. So, on a terrestrial geopolitical level it’s a thing that happened. I suppose the potential exists that the United States will gain access to previously unknown intel about Chinese spy balloon technology. It’s also possible that the Chinese have tipped their hand in a big way, and an entire program has been made useless because of the diligent efforts of a pair of U-2s aircraft. So, it matters like that too.

Once the news moment has passed I don’t think this incident will have a substantial role in UAP studies or relationships with ExoPoli. While there are some low-key references to UAP in both niche and mainstream media, I think it is a mistake to think this is really a UAP moment. There are plenty of voices that want it to be one, that is for sure.

UAP U-2S aircraft

U-2S “Dragon Lady”

Does the Chinese Spy Balloon have anything to do with UAP?

Yes, in a round about way, it does. While the value and sincerity of a “spy” balloon can be debated, on a larger level this does open the doors to what the Chinese have been up to in other parts of the atmosphere and space. The fact is they are getting good at finding and exploiting weaknesses in our “defense domains”.

This SpyTalk podcast has a great conversation about Chinese spaces assets which can travel freely between near Earth orbit, Lunar orbit, and the wide swatch of space in between. A section of space in which we have no known ability to operate. (Incidentally I a pleased to see a lot of coverage of the balloon specifically refering to “known capabilities” as a opposed to “capabilities”.)

This is plenty interesting as a matter of aerospace defense, if for no other reason that is also delineates an express mission for Space Force which I hadn’t seen before. In this context, Space Force suddenly makes sense. (I still question their relationship with ESDA and the established Galactic Accord, but that is another story.) However, this purpose of this blog is not to poke at geopolitical conflicts, but connect them to the larger ExoPoli conflicts that mostly happen in the “Blind Spot” the SpyTalk podcast discusses.

Is the Chinese Spy Balloon a disinfo Op?

On a basic level, any incident that involves intelligence gathering or otherwise covert assets is going to involve some amount of misinformation and obfuscation. By definition, you juat can’t freely discuss activities whose sole purpose is to remain as invisible as possible. The best you can hope for, in the current moment, is a sort of “shorthand truth”. Redacted Reality, if you will.

However, I don’t feel like there is any other primary intent behind the events we have seen publically. I have no doubt that any forces that have a stake in all aspects of UAP/ExoPoli will exert their influence the best they can, but this doesn’t feel like an organized ESDA operation.

I would agree with the voices who have said that this does point out the importance of increasing our terrestrial ability to engage with airborne interlopers of any stripe. I think it is a great example of how thorny, and possibly impossible, disclosure would actually be. A fairly frank revelation of a victimless shoot-down has gotten elevated into a partisan matter within minutes of public awareness.

If the object had been trully “alien” this response would have been exponentially obnoxious. Just take a look at the subtweet references in the #uaptwitter discussions of this. MAGAnon makes no exceptions to it’s cultish need to enforce their reality.

What About the Red Line and SovRus?

This is possibly the most interesting part of the whole event. Given the information in the SpyTalk podcast and the things that have not been said about the Chinese Spy Balloon, I have had to re-evaluate my views on the role of China in ExoPoli affairs.

With Putin’s go-for-broke invasion of Ukraine taking SovRus into a downward spiral of wartime expenditure and political bankruptcy, it is possible that the Armanem (“Space Aryans”) are taking a second look at their rogue relationship. Perhaps they wanted to drive SovRus further into Third World status as part of a broader destabilization strategy, but it’s more likely they just bet on the wrong horse. The Armanem seem to favor human groups that share some of their own wishful thinking methodology.

I think it is only natural that the Armanem would look toward China as a solid new partner to the subversive programs they create to subvert the Galactic Accord. If China is operating craft in the Blind Zone (Outer Earth), they most certainly have witnessed or crossed paths with Armanem craft covertly entering Earth air space. The fact the Chinese space program is a solid decade ahead of SovRus wouldn’t be lost on a group looking to undermine the Galactic Accord in anyway possible.

Likewise, I don’t know to what extent the Chinese have been “read-in” to the Galactic Accord. If anyone out there has some hard info about this, I would be thrilled to get any updates. My sources in EWO, ESDA, MUFON and elsewhere have not shared any with me as of yet.

So, the Chinese Spy Balloon event is an interesting moment that is certainly UAP/UFO adjacent, but I think it would be a mistake to consider it as part of any mainline disclosure and/or disino Op by ESDA.

The end.

As always, remember, the skies are watching you.

uap chinese spy balloon

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