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The Galactic Federation, Russia-Ukraine War, and Red Line

You may ask yourself why is T.A. writing about the Galactic Federation when the Russian war on Ukraine has erupted into a global event? If you follow my Twitter, you’ll know that I have been very engaged in following the events over there, pretty much at the expense of everything else. For various personal reasons, which I will get into on here at some point, Russia and its neighbors are very important to me.

For the purpose of this blog in particular, there are other important things happening which are far removed from the news cycle and the brutal terrestrial politics on display. As you might expect, there are many repercussions in the realm of the ExoPoli. I’ll start by saying what I know from my sources and then get into some theories about what might happen next.

galactic federation putin trump

The Galactic Federation (Art by Agent 770)

The Galactic Federation

Most of my sources in the normie branches of the government have been preoccupied with managing the terrestrial conflict. I can understand why they haven’t had much for me over the last week. However, leaks from the ESDA and my friends in the EWO have given me some important data points. The Russian invasion of Ukraine disproves all the key tenets of Galactic Federation theory.

Galactic Federation Theorists would have us believe that those who hold power over the top 1% of wealth and government are secretly in cahoots with a kinder, gentler, ExoPolitical organization. This wise super-evolved Galactic Federation is helping us in a war with an evil empire which may or may not be Reptilian. At the same time they are guiding us into a better future for all. A better future which, co-incidentally, appeals to both QAnon and Red Hat cultists.

Now, the problem is that there is no reason this Galactic Federation would allow the Russia-Ukraine war to happen. This war doesn’t lead us down the path to a Utopian society (I mean unless you agree with Putin’s neo-Nazi religious ideas in which case have you ever read this blog?) This war doesn’t do anything to help Space Force and the secret Space Marines fight off the lizard space Nazis. This war is a massive drain on resources (blood and treasure, as they say) at a time when we have none of this to spare. Putin is boss level historical asshole, for sure, but his invasion is evidence that one powerful lunatic can still challenge the world order. This is not the sort of thing Galactic Federation Theorists want to see or believe.

TL;DR Why aren’t the lizard space Nazis taking this opportunity to pounce and win once and for all?

Putin and the Armanem

Because actual factual Earth Nazis are doing their best! (Without the help of the Armanem (Nordics), the closest thing we actually have to space Nazis!) This is one of the most interesting developments as far as ExoPoli relates to the war. The fact that Putin’s SovRus (an Orwellian translation of the current Russian Federation nom de plume.) is doing so poorly means the Armanem have abandoned him. I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to risk violating Galactic Accord to blatantly alter the conflict, but there are plenty of things they could do to give him a helping hand. None of which they are doing.

Since SovRus losing doesn’t do anything to help the Armanem goals in the long run, Putin must have declared this war without their blessing. His delusional arrogance is astonishing, and recalls the other autocrat who rebuffed the Armanem. The one with the facial hair. No, not him, the taller one. The Austrian one. History repeats itself indeed.

As far as ExoPoli are concerned, this war has no value. The conflict has revealed how close SovRus is to being a failed state. In so doing, it has demonstrated that value of the status quo and the current Galactic Accord with the Siriusians.

galactic federation putin trump

The Red Line (Art by Agent 770)

The Red Line After Putin

I know it is too early in the conflict to predict what the fate of Ukraine would be. However, no matter what happens in Ukraine, it will still leave Putin’s SovRus the losing geopolitical side in the war. Putin might be removed from power. This might happen if the powers see him as more of a threat when present than removed. If his health is deteriorating as some have speculated we may see him depart by natural causes, mostly.

ESDA doesn’t have any information on who handles the Red Line and what succession means exactly. History shows that Stalin had access to it throughout his twilight. Nikita Khrushchev and Alexei Kosygin had awareness of it, but it is unclear if the connection was active. After that, it seems to have gone dormant until the rise of Putin and the SovRus state. Putin has re-activated many Soviet projects, so it is quite possible he brought the Red Line out of whatever frozen Siberian warehouse it was stored in.

Where it goes after Putin is hard to guess. Possibly the Armanem will give up on SovRus entirely and move their efforts to China. China is the next in line and in some ways is much more suitable than SovRus ever was. The problem with that is that Nordic Armanem prefer to work with humans that resemble them, hence the repeated contact with Germans, Russians, and other European types. I will be curious to see if they want to disrupt the Galactic Accord more than they want to stick to the playbook they’ve been using for the last 100 years.

If somehow the war widens, it is possible the Reticulians might step in and deliver a smack down on the Armanem for their part in provoking this war. There is no precedence for Reticulians stopping a human war, to my knowledge, but they sure as hell will remind both Siriusians and Armanem of their roles in the current Accord. If this comes to pass, the world will be very different at the end of this conflict in many more ways than we would assume.

This is another longer one, so I will hold the Q&A for a later post.

Remember, the skies are watching you!