US Capitol Attack, QAnon, and Armanem.

I think my intention to refrain from commenting directly on the US Capitol attack was driven by the feeling that it was kind of a foregone conclusion based on everything I have have been discussing for the last four years. However, Clark “Bingo” Emerson, a loyal reader and EWO legend in his own right, emailed me and asked me to offer some additional data points for those interested in where things stand now as far as QAnon, the Armanem, the Siriusians (Reptilians) and the ESDA, etc., etc.

I’d be lying if I said I knew exactly what is happening as history unfolds around us. The closer we are to the moves these Exopolitical forces are making, the harder it is see what is actually happening. Even first hand accounts are subject to all the devious influences these forces can bring to bear on our perception of life as we live it. So, that’s the disclaimer.

US Capitol Attack – What Happened?

Trump lost a fair election. Somewhere in the last year the Armanem, through the Red Line and Putin, decided that Trump would be more useful as an adversary than as a President. I’m not saying they put Joe Biden in office. There was no more value in using their resources to keep Trump in power. As an agent, he was iffy at best. He was incapable of the political sophistication needed to have any sort of longevity as President. They could see that is strength was leading his core cultists. That would be even more useful for a spoiler movement than a leading one.

The Armanem goal is to weaken the US dominance in the Exopolitical sphere. They want the United States so distracted with internal strife that they cannot maintain their agreements with Siriusians. If the US falls out of their contract, it will create an opportunity for the Armanem to take over stewardship of the Earth. Trump is still quite useful for provoking this strife, as the US Capitol attack showed.

While the ESDA has a role that supersedes politics (much of their work is above the President’s clearance), the creation of Space Force presents political and budgetary problems which will fragment their previously impervious position in the pantheon of Federal agencies. By losing, Trumpism has gained a kind of power that many within the “movement” may not even grasp. Trump will be replaced with an actual Armanem agent. Marjorie Taylor Greene is certainly jockeying for that position.

examples of Aryan aliens us capitol attack

Folk art illustration of Armanem. Romantic style.

What’s Next?

The next several years will be colored with sporadic bursts of violence like the US Capitol attack. QAnon and others who follow the Armanem lead resist whatever phantom threats can be cooked up. They will imagine themselves an insurgency but for the most part it will be opportunistic harassment and disorganized terrorism. In the end, it won’t offer much in the way of a victory, but it will have an effect on the Exopolitical order.

blonde woman with guns us capitol attack

Folk art interpretation of Armanem, pin-up style.

The US won’t allow itself to fall into some sort of breach of contract with the Siriusians. They will find it harder to negotiate. Lack of dominance in space will make an exclusive agreement less appealing to efficiency minded Siriusians. Likewise, it will offer less incentive for the Siriusians to keep the Armanem out of Earth airspace. So, the times, as they say, will certainly be interesting.

Rest assured, none of this will affect the publication of Encyclopedia Reptilica, except for a flurry of last-minute revisions no doubt.

Remember, the skies are watching you!