silver monolith in utah

The Silver Monoliths

As you might expect, the 2020 election has results are having seismic effects on the world of Exopolitics. Not necessarily in the way you would expect and also in ways we won’t fully grasp for many years to come. Again, I don’t pretend to have all of the answers, but I can pose some pretty compelling questions. From a distance, I am seeing a fair amount of synchronicity in my social media feeds and I think this is the result of the worlds above adjusting to the world below. Anyway, item #1 is, the Silver Monoliths.

silver monolith in utah

The first appearance.

I have to admit that the sudden appearance of metallic monoliths, first in Utah, and then in several other places around the world caught me by total surprise. I had not heard anything about this in any of the “chatter” I monitor, and none of my sources offered any scoops about it ahead of time. This could mean two things, either it is super-secret and awesome or a hoax and likely a waste of time to consider.

Shortly afterwards, one popped up in California. Shortly after that, a group of QAnon replaced it with, um, a cross. Supposedly at the personal request of Donald J. Trump. So, this is like a lunacy wrapped in a tortilla of absurdity. Honestly, it’s hard to see this as any sort of actual visitation event of any kind. None of my sources in the ESDA have reported any info relating to this event, coming from any activity that they track. Even the EWO says they know nothing about it, though I wouldn’t be surprised if some rogue members, or friends of members of this group, are behind it.

Technically, it isn’t a hoax, because no claims have been made to it’s origin or purpose. So, it’s a prank? It’s an art installation? All of this could be true. I would like to posit another theory that is likely to make UFOologists happy and shed light on a previously unknown part of the world below the strange and alien skies.

I believe it could be two things, which may or may not be connected.

1.) A group of cultists (a strong word, maybe, but it is the best I have) who put their quasi-religious belief in the Greys. They are the sort that believe Greys come from Zeta Reticuli and ascribe angelic traits and motivations to them. The placement of these monoliths is a coordinated message to them, in an attempt to create a global signal that it is time for them to make themselves known. Given the levels of stress in the world right now, reaching out for “divine intervention” isn’t too hard to understand.

2.) It’s another ESDA misinformation project aimed to undercut the recent soft disclosures that have been popping up all over. “Isn’t ESDA making the disclosures?” you may ask. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It all depends, and it is best not to expect everything that happens with the ESDA to follow a linear and comprehensible strategy.

More to follow…

Remember, the skies are watching you!