Is Donatella Versace a Reptoid Agent?


I know it’s been quite awhile since I posted an update here, but it’s not for lack of a good reason. I’ve been hard at work researching and writing my Repotted/Siriusian opus, a work which could very well become the definitive statement on the history of our Reptilian neighbors. At any rate, I watch most of the online traffic that relates to Reptoid issues from the hilarious to the ridiculous. I noticed the coverage of Donatella Versace on some of the message boards, and felt like this topic warranted some serious research. I pride myself on bringing a sober and coherent point of view to these matters, and the mystery of Donatella seemed worthy of my time. Let us consider the image that began most of the recent discussion:

So, you can see the reason for the speculation. While she lacks the sharp features that many see as the Reptilian  tell, there is clearly something unearthly and inhuman in her visage. There is a definite reptillian shape to her mouth and surrounding fascia. Her nose appears slightly crocodilian, and the eyes sit under her eyebrow ridge in a way that reminds me of iguanas or horned snakes.

The mainstream story could be enough to explain her unusual appearance; a hard life of drugs, partying and cosmetic surgery could easily explain this eccentric look. This doesn’t explain why someone with her means and access would choose to look this way, however. So, I see nothing useful in speculating on this branch of her narrative.

What is more useful and more interesting is the possibility that she may very well be a Siriusian Reptoid. Not because this is a major movement toward disclosure, but because of what this says about the state of the Reptilian order in 2014.  There is no proof of her Reptilian origin, of course, but there is a very suspicious arrangement of details in her past.

Donatella Versace is the reigning queen of the Versace empire, having ascended to that position after the murder of her brother Gianni Versace.  Gianni was the founder of Versace fashion. I am sure there are plenty of theories out there that may ascribe some sort of classical intrigue to his death and her rise, but again, that is not interesting or useful to this particular study. What is interesting is that there are no overt Reptilian tendencies in Gianni’s public life. I am certain some of the more unstable practitioners of Reptilian scholarship would draw some sort of connection between his life as a gay man and Siriusians, but the breadth of my research indicates no such correlation. A look further back in the Versace family history shows no direct connection to the usual pathways of Reptoid lineage, either. (Personally, I take issue with most of this “evidence” but it is prevalent enough that I have to mention it.) Generally, the official story is that Gianni’s parents were pretty average middle-class small business people. Father Antonio was a salesman, and mother Francesca was a seamstress. This is not the stuff of royal bloodlines or global domination, right?

If you dig a little further back, things get more interesting. Antonio Versace’s family was a less fortunate branch of a genealogy that did descend from the more powerful parts of Northern Italian aristocracy. I have not had time to dig into how this fall came to be, but it is very intriguing. Similarly, Antonio Versace served with Mussolini’s fascist army prior to and during WW2. I can’t begrudge him too much, as all men were required to serve, but his fairly posh and protected non-combatant role indicates some sort of favor bestowed on his family. He was educated, very literate and well-versed in the classical literature of his ancient ancestors. Speaking speculatively, perhaps he was aware of an older mystery in his family background than he could publicly acknowledge. Perhaps there was something dormant in the family that even Gianni himself was not aware of.

I can’t honestly say that I believe Gianni was ignorant of whatever Reptilian influence guided his life. For one thing, he personally selected and developed the company logo. This logo is, as many should know, but probably do not, none other than Medusa from Greek mythology. The mythic woman with snakes for hair, the woman who’s dying blood flooded the world with snakes.

versace logo

The snaky crown of House Versace.

This is certainly interesting, and it does add considerable subtext to the Versace family history and origins. Additionally, prior to Gianni’s tragic murder in 1997, there was increasing suspicion about the breadth and foundation of the Versace fortune. Forensic accounting by third parties suggested that Gianni’s lavish, some would say Roman, lifestyle was far beyond what the family business could actually support. A bribery scandal in the early 1990’s that ensnared many of Italy’s other fashion nobility somehow left Versace untouched. Finally, the ‘Ndragheta, a very powerful Mafia clan, makes their home in Gianni Versace’s homeland of Calabria. ‘Ndragheta power increased dramatically throughout the nineties, seemingly in tandem with the crisis in the Versace family. I am not one to dwell too much on these sorts of scandals, and I don’t subscribe to the one-world conspiracy thinking which somehow manages to connect such disparate actors as the Mafia, the Vatican and the Reptoids. However, given the power and prominence of Versace, it is not impossible that some or all of these actors would try to bring the family into their fold or remove them from power. It would be naive to think that a family such as Versace, even with their distant connection to royalty, would not have shared the favor of some powerful group in the not too distant past. The why and how of this is where things get murky, of course.

Which brings me back to Donatella Versace. As I see it, the story of Versace is that of a family which was kicked out of the kingdom and then managed to ascend back to the same powerful halls that abandoned them generations earlier. Classical history is filled with these kinds of power struggles and dynastic fortunes. However, if the story were really that archtypal, Donatella would have every reason to keep her Reptilian connections as far in the background as the type prefer to do. Yet, everything about her raises suspicion and invites articles like this one.

Publicly, she is living a fairly common storyline for the glamourous. She has partied hard and enjoyed the flavors her privilege has allowed her to taste. She has seen scandal, murder, and the fall of a mighty empire. In her darkest hour, she pulled the family back together and guided the Versace brand back to glory. Along the way, she has become a humanitarian, seeing a larger good and bigger role for her fame and fortune. Not draconian living, by any means. She sells fancy clothes and helps out poor people. Relatively harmless compared to the global scheme of mass-murder, subjugation, and enslavement that many ascribe to the Reptoid agenda.

However, this does not mean she is above suspicion or without Siriusian motives. Perhaps, rather than being a part of the shadowy paramilitary aspect of Reptoid governance, she belongs to a more sophisticated intelligence branch? Maybe something like the psyops programs or cultural engineering that our own CIA does so well? Again, I know this line of thinking is not ground-breaking. Many of my contemporaries and predecessors claim that pop culture is awash in occult, Illuminati or Reptilian symbols and influence. The problem is that those arguments assume these codes are either secret or subliminal. Neither of which describes the in-broad-daylight character of Donatella’s behavior and appearance. No, the deception of Donatella’s work is multi-layered and complicated. On the one hand, she is a sort of Reptoid harlequin, dancing in the public eye, teasing us with knowledge and disclosure while demonstrating how harmless and ridiculous the Siriusians really are. She’s not saying she is a Reptoid, but if she was, how bad would that be? On the other hand, she has surrounded herself with the leading icons of human pop culture, and is certainly in a position to influence them. I’m not saying Donatella is a mastermind encoding Reptoid mind-control patterns into Lady Gaga’s performances, but it is quite possible that by keeping these people close to her, she creates an opportunity for the real Siriusian agents to infiltrate and influence as they see fit. Even if they don’t control Lady Gaga (I am certain they do not), they can study her closely and use that knowledge for whatever these beings need to do.

On a final note, in the course of my study I discovered another layer to this mystery. Strangely enough, within the rotunda of the Versace mansion in Miami, beneath a painting which depicts a scene from ancient Italy, there is a tile work that encircles an even more elaborate mosaic. At first blush, this may appear to be just one of the many decadent and ornate fixtures which this home is brimming with. However, if you ask one of the keepers of the mansion about it, they will tell you that this design is in fact a cryptic code which has yet to be publicly unlocked. Below is a picture of the pattern and the code. Consider it as you may, but if you do discover the pattern and do manage to decode the message, you may want to remember that you are not the intended audience.

The answer you uncover might overwhelm you with questions that are too terrifying to answer.