Sirius (A movie)

Unfortunately, other work has distracted me from my pursuit of the Reptilian truth. This item I could not let pass unmentioned or unnoticed. Director Amardeep Kaleeka worked with Dr. Steven Greer to create this documentary film about Siriusian collaboration with high levels of American Government. Of course, this collaboration between ETI and Washington has long been speculated about in all manner of media, but Dr. Greer and the Sirius Disclosure project claim to the final answer to this perplexing possibility. In case you are doubting this, they are suggesting they might wheel out an actual alien corpse for attendees of the film’s premiere on April 22 to inspect in person. Unfortunately, Dr. Greer and Sirius Disclosure make no explicit mention or Reptilians or the ETI hierarchy which lurks above and below our human cities. They believe that if the ETI can be contacted in the correct manner, with the proper psychic energy, these visitors would gladly give us the keys to the universe. Somehow this Disclosure project ignores the significant information which points to a much darker collusion between Terran and Siriusian authorities.

I can’t see the benefit in this belief, especially given the profound lack of evidence that these ETI are somehow interested in helping us out. If they are, they seem to share the same sense of humor as God. Omnipotence must mean something different when you are a nearly omnipotent, advanced being. Couldn’t they just land, give us this amazing technology, and be on their way?  I doubt Will Smith would show up and be able to go all ID on their  suspiciously non-scaly backsides. No, this whole enterprise strikes me as pro-Reptilian propaganda at best and deliberate obfuscation at worst. Maybe Dr. Greer’s CSETI psychic communications were “hacked” by these superior intelligences. I don’t know. I could be wrong.

This BadUFOs page hosts a discussion on the actual origins of the corpse they may display on the 22nd. Elsewhere, this page at offers an interesting and unusually coherent explanation for the kind of technology the Reptilians may have traded with the United States government.

The premiere is sold-out, so you’ll have to watch the film as VOD or host a screening in your own city if you want to take a longer look.