Moon with space station inside

The Hollow Moon

If you haven’t already done so, you should check out the “Alien Theorists Theorizing” podcast episode about Hollow Moon research. You can find it here: The Hollow Moon Theory

While I can’t say I agree with their final conclusions, they do a great job of presenting the publicly available information that has helped many researchers, mostly from EWO, zero in on ESDA activities as they relate to Moonside Base. Most importantly, it has fueled speculation that there may be more than one base on the Moon.

Another resource is the Alien Moon documentary on Amazon Prime. This film does an ok job presenting the same information, but really falls down when it reaches for it’s own conclusions. Plus, I hate to say it, but the production value on the podcast is better than this film. However, between the two, you can get a feel for the range of information and theories about this lunar mystery.

David Icke

I should also mention David Icke’s own work around this subject. He has his own spin on this (no doubt connected in some way to an ESDA misinformation campaign, as well) and it can be considered via this Wikipedia entry. Obviously this material draws a little too heavily on The Matrix (1999) much as Space Force has it’s obvious inspiration in some science-fiction classics. Some members of ESDA didn’t get their jobs based on original thought, I guess. Anyway, I can say with complete confidence that the Moon is not a reptilian (Siriusian) base. I don’t see much evidence that it is hollow. The fact remains that there is at least one base located on the moon. So, it is entirely possible that the massive network of caves under the lunar surface have been exploited to house other structures, perhaps mirroring the design of our own Denver International Airport. This would make total sense, based on what we know of more mundane agency practices. One design repeated across many iterations is a fundamental model of government efficiency.

Until next time, remember, the skies are watching you!