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Antifa Supersoldier: “Dead Led”

Antifa supersoldier? I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised when someone like “Dead Led” reaches out to me in the hopes of having his story told. I connect with some pretty fringe spaces through my writing, my investigations, and whatever else I do in furtherence of my interests. Honestly, though, I didn’t expect my work with Encyclopedia Reptilica and navigating the ExoPoli would attract someone as involved with, um, more grounded conflict like Dead Led.

Still, I can’t say he’s wrong and it didn’t take long to see the brilliance of what he was proposing. After all, I do spend a fair amount of time working to expose “Space Nazis”, why not spend some ink on the more mundane iterations that are probably more numerous. Possibly they are all connected, but the extent of all of that will need to be established much more than I am capable of at the moment.

Anyway, I put together a quick interview with Dead Led to get things going. In the future, as I start to help him tell his stories, I expect the writing here will more closely reflect what he is up to and what he has been doing over the last ten years or so. I can tell you it’s quite a ride!

TAW: So — Ded Led. Is that your real name?

DL: No, it is not.

TAW: Cool, I just wanted to get that out of the way. Is that like a nick name or…

DL: We will get to that down the line. No spoilers.

TAW: Right, sure thing. Alright, so I know you fits this profile of “Antifa Supersoldier” and that does sort of describe what you do. Do you have any thoughts on that?

DL: Yes, I do. I don’t use that too literally. Saying that helps people with a basic grasp of what I do, but I don’t really operate on that level. People who take on the antifa role work at more of a street level than what I do. My boots get plenty muddy. I just don’t engage in such a public way. Antifa are great at meeting facsists in the public arena. I engage fascists, um, behind the scenes, so to speak.

TAW: I think you’ll need to say a little bit more about that. I was surprised that the work you do even exists. I suppose I shouldn’t be, lol.

DL: A couple of years ago I took down a meth ring that was used to fund Neo-Nazi activity in Northern Flordia.

TAW: Take down? Like turned over to the FBI or something…

DL: No. We don’t really do that. Are you sure you want to talk about this?

TAW: We can get into as much detail as you are comfortable with. Of course, names and places will be changed and all of that.

DL: I do a lot of different kinds of work. For this group I did some cover recon, a little direct observation, some old fashioned research. When the time came there was direct contact and threat elimination. This bunch had a pretty serious stockpile so they had no interest in going quietely. This was fine with me. It made for better fireworks in the end.

TAW: I mean, the supersolider thing sort of fits, though, right?

DL: I wear a lot of different hats, but I am not a solider. To borrow a phrase, I have a certain set of skills. I do not work alone. I operate as part of a very discrete network with very clear opsec so if I look like a supersoldier all the better. Our culture wants our James Bonds or Rambos so I get where it comes from. I do what I do.