QAnon, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Reptilians

Since my last entry about the Armanem aliens in the Trump White House there have been some updates that are worth talking about on here. Communication from insiders in EWO (Exopolitical Watch Organization) regarding The Battle of Crater Lake has shed some light on both QAnon and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

For the three of you out there who don’t know about QAnon or Greene, here’s a really brief primer. QAnon is named after “Q”, an Internet personality who purports to have insider information about Donald Trump’s battle against Deep State, a shadow state controlled by Satanists/Reptilians who may or may not be pedophiles and may or may not be “cannibals”(this is in quotes because if they are actually Reptilians, then they aren’t actually cannibals). This Deep State is of course run by Democrats and led by either Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama(It is unclear if they are, in fact, Reptilians). Marjorie Taylor Greene has made her support of QAnon part of her campaign and has been Twitter-endorsed by none other than Donald Trump, the tireless hero of QAnon itself.

Marjorie Greene, QAnon Xena
Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rising star of Armanem infiltration.

Okay! So what does all of this have to do with exopolitics?

First off, based on what evidence we do have on this matter, Greene herself has all of the traits of being an Armanem infiltration agent, similar to Kellyanne Conway and others. She shares many of their physical traits and her politics are right in line with the Trumpist exopolitical agenda. So, if this is the case than it makes total sense that she would perpetuate a theory that lays the blame on thei r Reptilian adversary. We’ve established that a goal of Armanem intervention in the United States is to weaken their support of ESDA and jeopardize their participation in the charters established after 1948. By focusing on the Reptilian Siriusians as the external threat, they distract from their own motivations while also subverting the current galactic order.

Greene does offer a unique opportunity to monitor the rise of an infiltration agent before she acquires any real power. While there is no clear path laid out for her, she is most likely going to Congress in January. Given her focus on firearms, one can imagine she has some sort of defense or law enforcement assignment ahead of her.

The QAnon theory itself is a means of manipulating those who are willing to explore alternative rhetoric but are drawn toward the more extreme right-wing leanings of their own nature. While many of us in exopolitical research often go far afield of conventional research, we do so to challenge our sense of reality. QAnon merely confirms the paranoia of its adherents. So, it works to make a group of loyal followers and also makes it much easier to foment negative opinions about “aliens”.

The QAnon bible, every purchase includes a free pack of sparklers.

The Battle of Crater Lake and the information it has revealed about “Operation Yellow Onion” casts this in a very interesting light. EOW sources have discovered that the Armanem influence is often intermingled with Siriusian influence. For example, one group can be working under the guiding hand of Armanem, the other under the hand of Siriusians, all the while working side-by-side and “together” in some ways. They may not know of the other groups affiliations and might even think they are aligned along the same general goal of “disclosure” or “liberation”.

For QAnon, there is a similar layer strategy at work, but in this case the different layers are all under the guiding hand of Armanem. The lower layers are unaware of the upper levels and not all of the upper levels are aware of the lower levels. Each layer has a specific purpose. In this case, the base of the structure works to create mass media confusion, to discredit the entire field of exopolitics, and to distract as much as possible. The layer above the base use this confusion to create events or information that serves the Armenem agenda, even indirectly.

More interesting is the effect this lowest layer has on members of the EWO or even Reptoid researchers such as myself. By placing Reptilians (Siriusians) at the top of the QAnon pyramid it draws all of us into engaging with them on some level. I can’t see any inherent value in what QAnon cites as evidence, any more than Flat Earthers, but by looping in lizard people into an already outlandish theory, it makes all of our work somehow QAnon adjacent. This is, of course, not too far from the anti-Semitism that disqualifies David Icke (and is likewise present in QAnon) and makes one wonder if they aren’t connected. Is Icke really just QAnon V 1.0? There is a lot of overlap in their thinking, or more likely a lot of recycled material.

Which is to say that QAnon has nothing to offer legitimate exopolitical study in and of itself. However, by studying the way in which QAnon operates, we can see the manipulations of the Armanem and in so doing, see what they fear and what they desire. Additionally, much like the Siriusians, we can see the esteem they hold humanity in by which members of the population they chose to work with. For the Armanem, we are no better than the worst among us, something which we will have to grapple with for quite some time, it seems. Both forces are selling the dream of supremacy, of course, but QAnon has to develop a much deeper fantasy for it’s members to make that sort of imaginative leap.

The irony of this would be genius if it wasn’t so diabolical and ultimately flawed. After all, this is the same sort of thinking that sent the German Wehrmacht into the Russian winter with the wrong boots and no gloves.

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