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Ukraine, Putin, and Project Red Hat

Obvious at this point that I have accepted that the Encyclopedia Reptilica project is deeply intertwined with current events in such a way that it is impossible not to talk about it. Again, I am not crazy enough to think the Armanem (Nordics) are orchestrating world events to interfere with my little non-fiction project over here in Minnesota, but it sure does feel like it somedays. Trust me, if I could sit here in my basement and focus only on the machinations of beings hundreds of thousands of miles beyond Earth’s stratosphere, I most assuredly would.

Anyway, amidst the pre-war flurry, I had took on a pet project of engaging with various Trumpster/Puties/Tankies on Twitter to see if I could rattle some cages, but also to see ferret out which ones were Bots and how sophisticated those Bots were. (I hope someone is keeping track of the dueling pro- and anti-Putin Bots, because that has the potential for some next level “war against the machines” stuff.) Anyway, in the process of doing this I happened upon some seemingly real human beings who were behaving exactly as Bots. As many of us are wont to do on a late night Twitter binge, I snarked back at a couple of them about having radio transmitters in their Trump hats. This was, of course, a callback to Operation Tin Foil Hat, but it’s not like they would get that.

To my complete and total surprise, a received a DM from an individual who will hereafter be known as Ivan. He wants to go by “Ivan Ivanovich“, but I am not quite up to typing that all whenever I need to make an attribution. Anyway, Ivan had a remarkable and amusing story about a classified project he was involved with as the sun set on the political organization known as the Soviet Union. Known as “Project Red Hat” (Proyekt Krasnaya Shlyapa / Проект Красная Шляпа), this was a disinformation sort-of mind control project that was intended to sow confusion among American citizens at home and abroad. This was clustered inside of the Hantseverov administration within SCST USSR in the period 1987-1989, according to Ivan.

ukraine red hat putin

Red Hat from Project Red Hat (Photo Courtesy EWO Agent 213)

Ivan was open to an interview, and we agreed it would be the best format to get the most info out in the quickest way possible. Due to his desire to keep his identity protected, I did a quick phone verification and then we picked it up via text. What follows is a slightly trimmed (for brevity) transcript of that interview.

TAW: Sdrastveetcha, Dr. Ivan Ivanovich!

Ivan: Ah, you speak Russian? Hello.

TAW: Yes, but it is pretty rusty. I mostly practice by watching movies about the Great Patriotic War or the Russian space program.

Ivan: Should we speak in Russian?

TAW: Lol. Please no, sir. I beg on behalf of my readers.

Ivan: Po-Angleeski it is. Lol. Okay!

TAW: Sweet. So, in broad terms, what was Project Red Hat?

Ivan: To begin with, I don’t think it is accurate to assume this project is entirely in the past. If anything, it is a project with a very long development that was finally a roaring success, if you will. I will get to that. Essentially, in the late 1980’s, my work at Moscow University came to the attention of researchers in the SCST. That is State Committee for Science and Technology. SCST had it’s own departments that were something like the American DARPA and a little bit like the “X-Files”. After a particularly Soviet intake process, I was “read in” to the program and begin assisting with the research.

The program had left the chimpanzee stage and was working with human volunteers. These volunteers were recruited from rural areas with the promise of Communist Party favors and the benefits of big city living. A pair of Levi’s jeans may have been on the table too.

TAW: Of course. Lol. The real currency during the fall of USSR.

Ivan: Yes, I don’t know why we didn’t make “Lenin’s” jeans. That should’ve been a no-brainer but, uh, probably didn’t get too far in cultural committee. Yes, well, I am just a scientist. So, rather than do the experiment where you have two people wearing a transmitter/receiver set in separate parts of the building, we actually had twenty volunteers in a single building. One requirement of their participation was that they had to wear a certain hat a good part of the day. We gave them the hat, of course, it was a baseball cap with a variety of designs so it would look less, oh, culty, when they were out on the streets of Moskva (Moscow). Baseball caps had a certain cachet at the time so they would wear them as much as they could.

Unbeknownst to them the hats were made with a special material that would act as a receiver for our signals. The material would focus the signal so it had enough power to affect the subjects without having to be attached, like you would with an EKG.

TAW: Completely unobtrusive.

Ivan: Yes, and we noted a side-effect was that the signal would create a very subtle head-massage feeling, so they wore that hats for even longer!

TAW: Could you wash them?

Ivan: This was the Soviet Union, my friend! LOL. But, if they did happen to wash them the special material would be fine. Honestly, I considered the material to be extra-terrestrial but that was outside of my clearance and the whole project was already too weird.

Anyway, so the idea for this was to send signals, like a personal radio station. Much like a radio station, we only needed the subjects to receive the signal, we had no need to read their minds or communicate or anything like that. We just needed them to absorb and “learn” the information we were sending to them. Unlike rudimentary learning, we wanted them to learn the messages without being conscious of that.

TAW: So…brainwashing?

Ivan: Hollywood brainwashing, movie brainwashing, but not like real brainwashing. Real brainwashing is very destructive and we wanted something much better than that. Profoundly effective subliminal messages, but, here is the thing. We wanted them to repeat the messages as often as possible and in a very evangelical way. As a matter of fact, we discovered that if we used religious material in the signal they would sometimes convert people and sometimes wind up in the hospital…and not for a headache. LOL.

TAW: Creepy, and culty. 😉

Ivan: Yes, we actually lost that whole batch of subjects. This group of men wandering around Red Square spouting off about God and Rasputin and whatever nonsense stew we cooked up unnerved the Party a bit too much. Too much opiate of the masses, hah.

So, this went on for awhile and near the end of my time with the program we had groups of fifty men wandering around Moscow repeating our messages on a regular basis for months at a time. At the mildest we had them expressing opinions about hockey or football (soccer) teams, and at our most political we had them telling very off-color jokes about Hitler and Stalin’s facial hair. There were bar fights, fights on the trolley, but the jokes spread much further than the fifty men we had delivered the signal to.  As far as I could tell it was a success. That’s as much as I can say for certain.

ukraine red hat putin

Red Hat from Project Red Hat (Photo Courtesy EWO Agent 213)

TAW: What happened? Did you leave the project?

Ivan: Gorbachev happened. Lol. That’s not fair, seventy years of Soviet leadership happened. Anyway, USSR was falling further and further apart on a daily basis and I needed to get elsewhere. I managed to get a job with Apple computers in San Francisco and that got my Visa and my one way Aeroflot ticket.

TAW: Steve Jobs’ Apple?

Ivan: Yes, “Think Different” Apple. They have an entire building dedicated to REALLY thinking different and they wanted me for that. I stayed for awhile, worked on some projects, and then moved on. That’s all I can really say about the rest of my career.


Ivan: If there is something stronger than a NDA, then that would be it. That paperwork would make a Soviet blush.

TAW: LOL. Speaking, of, um, blush…why were the hats red?

Ivan: We thought it would be hilarious if we could get Americans to wear the color of their sworn enemy while they were saying what we wanted them to say. Hiding in plain sight sort of thing.

TAW: Too crazy to be believed, too.

Ivan: Yes. So, as you know, I think the project either continued or became part of Putin’s “re-evaluation” of mothballed Soviet projects. I know you know something about those.

TAW: Hah, I like to think I know a little. There are very few people who know more than this, I guess.

Ivan: Da. Yes, it looks like the project has been rolled out as one of the follow-ons of the Trump infiltration project. Trump wears a red hat plenty often, so maybe he himself is just another receiver for the signals from Moscow.

ukraine putin red hat

Trump and Project Red Hat (Photo Courtesy EWO Agent 213)

TAW: I get it. I am with you on that, but how is this transmitted. Um, atheistic former Soviet space lasers?

Ivan: There are no former Soviets, my friend. We are all…something else now. At least some of us. I get your joke, and I will say that I can image it is something closer to Tesla’s wireless. I know some of your readers might take this as part of the 5G paranoia, but let me say I am certain this is entirely different. This could be a very prevalent signal network that is supported by satellite repeaters but more likely some sort of discrete terrestrial network. I’ll say it is quite possible they have had some help from the “Red Line” to facilitate this as well.

I don’t think it would be violation of my NDA portfolio to tell you that I can’t deny that something similar to the Red Line couldn’t exist. Right?

TAW: Got it. Okay. Spoken like a true Soviet, Ivan.

Ivan: LOL.

So, there you have it. A plausible explanation for so much of what happens in the mental spaces that are occupied by Trumpist/QAnon signals. I don’t know if it is the final explanation, but it is a damn good one. Anyway, thanks to Dr. Ivan Ivanovich and his great information. I hope to have another chat with him in the future to discuss what he can about his time at Apple and the mysterious work he did after that.

This is already twice as long as a usual post so I will wrap this up without a question segment. I fully expect the world will look much different the next time I write, so stay safe, stay smart, and remember the skies are watching you!