Gematria Rick and Morty

The Gemetria of Rick and Morty S4:E5

Gematria and Rick and Morty

This week’s topic comes by way of EWO member and loyal reader “B. Jones”. B.Jones wouldn’t let me call him Agent 904, even though I really wanted to. I understand not everyone is down with the tongue in cheek labels that bestow agent status, so I won’t use them all the time. Anyway, that’s not really the point of this post. Do you know what Gematria is?

Well, Gematria in the traditional use is a Jewish form of numeralogy. Now, this is interesting but it isn’t why I am talking about it right now. QAnon types have taken this practice and folded it into their theories, and as they are prone to doing, distorted it to meet the needs of their worldview so much that it has little connection to the source material. QAnon gematria is pretty much just a matter of converting any word into a numeric value and figuring out a way to make that numeric value relevant to the theory du jour. If going down that rabbit hole is something you’re into, by all means, go for it, but I am not going to say much more than that.

However, what does S4E5 of Rick and Morty have to do with Gematria?

Gematria and “Rattlestar Ricklactica”

Let’s see, if we do the maths, S4E5 is equal to (19 + 4 + 5 + 5) “33”, which is a very interesting number if we were tracking the supernatural occult and other sorts of magick on this blog. Which we aren’t, at least not here. What does this number 33 have to do with the matter of ExoPoli? Well, very little, I am afraid. However, a lack of rationality hasn’t stopped the QAnon folks, so I will go with it in the spirit of fair play.

You don’t need to do some intricate number pretzels to see why this episode is of interest to us here. In the usual manner for Rick Sanchez, the dynamic dimensional duo is forced to contend with a portal world in which intelligent snakes have replaced humanity in its own evolutionary chain of events. The hilarious crux of this episode happens when Morty disguises a regular Earth snake as a lost Snakestronaut (Snakesnaut) and this sets in motion timewar stuff that loops everything back into a War with the Machines/”Terminator” type thing. I mean, R&M is going to R&M, so you’ll need to watch the episode to get all the breakneck weirdness that transpires.

Gematria and reptilians

Snakebraham Slincoln

However, Reptilians

Now, since this episode does posit the existence of intelligent snakes the parallel to Siriusians should be obvious by this point. I understand that for this most part this is handled as an “Animal Farm” type satire wherein the snakes are merely stand-ins for humanity. The episode doesn’t do much to create a snake world with highly evolved snake people. On one level, you could see this as a jab at humanity’s expectation that any ExoPoli will match our path to the stars, but I doubt that was intentional. You do have to admire the willingness to “go there” with the snakes in space idea, it takes creative bravery to imagine starcraft operated by beings with no visible extremities.

Now, there have been sightings of snake-like Reptoids on Earth, and EWO has reports of “snakes from the stars” so the idea of ExoPoli snakes (as opposed to Lizard People) is not all together crazy. There has even been some speculation of snake-ish types within the population of the Siriusian travelers, so those may be allies or neighbors on the home world. Ancient Aliens theorists have plenty of ExoPoli serpents in their lore, but that doesn’t really apply to my work here.  (I should point out that there is no mention in the “Codex Reptilicus” of serpentine Sauro Sapiens, however.) Anyway, this is all a little bit literal for a show that warps it’s own world building into pretzels on the daily.

Gematria and reptilians

Snakera 51

We would be remiss, as B. Jones points out, if we were to disregard this episode entirely. Any representation of reptilian ExoPoli is notable, as the ESDA and the possibility of soft disclosure can’t be too far behind. Operation Albino Cobra did end several decades ago, but we do know how these sorts of things repeat themselves. ESDA, like Hollywood, loves a good reboot. “Rick and Morty” is a popular show, and it’s audience is bound to have an anti-authoritarian slant (Except for the toxic would-be  incels, of course) so it makes sense the ESDA would have some content created to keep any conversation about space snakes solidly in the realm of the ridiculous. Okay, okay!

Q&A / Ask Me Anything

Q: When is your next convention appearance?

A: I don’t have any plans for 2022, as the pandemic hasn’t gotten to the point where I am comfortable enough for traveling. The reason is the same as the one I give when I’m asked why I don’t ride a motorcycle, it’s not that they aren’t safe – it’s all the other morons on the road I am afraid of. I will be at CONvergence in some capacity, maybe other cons closer to home.

Q: Are you “pilled”?

A: Alright, here’s the thing. The internet has taken down the walls between the world of outre research and the masses. There was a time when you had to invest a lot of time and energy into research, and for better or worse, this limited the access to the material. Of course, it made it harder to communicate, make notes, and collate experience, but it did make one more confident that a fellow traveller had done the same work as you, and this commanded respect and camaraderie.

These days, it is not that way at all. Everyone with the wherewithal to log on to the internet has access to gigiflops of data, most of which has no more value than the electrical impulses which carry them along. If you have a belief, or feeling, that you want to justify, it is just not that hard to find material online which will help you feel that you are absolutely correct. So, while a person who does this kind of “research” might feel smart, they are in fact merely creating a reality that matches their assumptions. There is nothing “pilled” about that (to use the Matrix metaphor appropriated by these types.), as it is quite the opposite. Challenging the assumptions of the reality around you is quite different from challenging the reality until it matches your assumptions.

Until next time, remember, the skies are watching you!