“NOPE” and what it means for UAP Research

NOPE was very high on my “to watch” list for several obvious reasons, but halfway through the film I realized there was something very special going on that connected directly to my work on Sirius Business and the world of UAP disclosure. If you haven’t seen the movie, you’re going to want to stop here and come back after you’ve seen it. Spoilers ahead.

NOPE movie poster

NOPE (Universal Pictures)

This isn’t going to be a film review, I am mostly on sabbatical from that line of work, rather this is a brief look at what the film can tell us about ESDA activities as it relates to the post Congressional Hearing world of soft disclosure. I’ll also note that the UAP known as “Sky Jellyfish” which becomes an important plot point in NOPE is a flavor of UAP that I have witnessed personally long before I knew it was an actual thing. Like many who have out of the box encounters or contacts, I just thought I had seen something completely beyond my understanding of the skies above. Like OJ and Em in NOPE, I didn’t understand what it was I was looking at. Still don’t, but at least I have a name for it.

While NOPE doesn’t take itself half as seriously as Close Encounters of the Third Kind did, it feels reasonable to call it this the C3K of our point in the history of the Galactic Accord. There is nothing in this film that suggests we should enter into agreements with ExoPoli, because that be as reasonable as a Tiger signing an agreement with a Python (as the film suggests repeatedly through visual motif), or as if Quint suggested they try to teach Jaws sign language.

NOPE (Universal Pictures)

No, I did not have a cameo. (NOPE (Universal Pictures))

Now one would expect that Hollywood would unleash a series of updated takes on E.T: The Extraterrestrial if we were about to enter an age of enlightenment and engagement with the ExoPoli. There would be a massive push across all traditional and new media to get a postive vibe going in anticipation of a revelation about UAP. Clearly this isn’t happenig, and it should surprise none of my readers that Congress issued a lukewarm, but dire, warning about UAP a little over a month after NOPE‘s release?


As we all know, discerning the “real” motives behind anything ESDA does is a fool’s errand or a trip down the deepest rabbit hole one can conceive of. Considering the layers of subterfuge that Earthly politics can wrap themselves in, is it any wonder that the things get exopenentially “unreal” when the ExoPoli enter the scene? At best, we can discern what ESDA doesn’t want (some of us) to do based on the overt communication.

In as much as ESDA has shadow approval over any entertainment property that deals with ExoPoli, the message we should be getting as the subtext of NOPE‘s release is that we should return to fearing what might be out there in skies and beyond. (Honestly, the release of Prey so close to NOPE can’t be a coincidence, either.) This, of course, is the opposite of what they should be doing in a moment of disclosure, right?

Rhetorical question gets the rhetorical answer. No! They don’t want the public to want real disclosure, for reasons I mentioned in a previous blog post. For the foreseable future, the more information about UAP activity is released from offiicial sources, ESDA will promote even more media intended to drive a wedge between the masses and the real world of ExoPoli. In other words, the general vibe would be “Yes, there are alien civilzations active above, on, within the Earth — but you don’t really want anything to do with that so please just leave it to the professionals.”

Space Jellyfish

To be clear, I don’t think this is an entirely malicious approach, it’s simply a matter of Real ExoPolitik, to coin a phrase. This is an effective nunya to keep a very complicated relationship from getting even more complicated. I know this is a little nuanced coming from your truly, but I don’t see myself as complicating things, if anything I am trying to simplify them but bringing the machine a little closer to the light for study. You don’t see me out here goading people into charging Area 51 like a bunch of spun-up Woodstock attendees, do you?

NOPE (Universal Pictures)

NOPE (Universal Pictures)

To be honest, I didn’t feel particularily threatened by my Space Jellyfish, but then I was in the middle of a college campus. My feelings revolved around a few different phases; Why was no one else noticing this? Was this a really, really, delayed flashback? If this was an actual thing actually happenig in the real sky then what the fuck could do that? So, in terms of NOPE, you could say I had a very early Act 2 contact experience.

Hynek Revisited

Maybe that should be the practical take-away from NOPE. In the wake of this current C3K we can revise the encounter coding from Hynek’s three class system to one based on the phases of  NOPE‘s story arc. So, we can have a NOPE Act 1 Encounter, a NOPE Act 2 Encounter, a NOPE Act 3 Encounter. We can create specific nuances within that as needed, there is plenty of story structure lingo that is just dying to be repurposed.

That’s it for this installment. Probably will discuss the rekindled Bob Lazar controversy on the next edition.

As always, and not to be too “on the nose” — remember the skies are watching you.