dana loesch

Dana Loesch, Aramanem, and the Galactic Accord

dana loesch

Dana Loesch, Armanem Influencer (Courtesy of EWO Agent 770)

Dana Loesch and the Armanem

Agent 770 came through with another solid bit of info that is worth sharing with you readers. In a recent DM he brought the following quote to my attention. Dana Loesch, a name you might not recognize unless you follow CPAC influencers for your intellectual torture fix, recently said (after a long pause for thought): “They’re going to nominate some crazy multi-pronoun cat humanoid” for the soon to be vacant Supreme Court position.

Now, with the exception of UAP disclosure, the United States Supreme Court is pretty much off-topic for this media outlet. So, why am I writing about this particular sound bite which has no apparent value? I will tell you! This quote, while meant as a joke, reveals a key tactic in the Armanem subversion of the Galactic Accord. I will remind readers that part of the review of the Galactic Accord is how well that Earth, as a whole, lines up with several of the key items in ExoPoli Cycle development. While not all of these are known outside of the ESDA, there are a few that have been leaked through EWO and other means. (I should mention that there is also a long list of hoax items out there as well, some of which have likely been released by the ESDA.)

The ExoPoli Cycle

One of the key measures of planetary development is how exactly a given planetary culture understands genetic and biological diversity. Some folks interpret this to mean how the planet treats all life forms, which is admirable, but the common understanding is much less idealistic. The baseline of the question is how the bulk of sentient beings understand what it means to be a sentient being. For example, on our planet there is a massive of amount of biodiversity and variation within life forms across all manner of creatures. Despite this, generally speaking, the criteria for what constitutes a conscious being is very, very, narrow. Beyond that standard, the idea of a “normal” human being belies the contradiction at the heart of the classification. I won’t go into a long rant about the history of speciesism and racism on planet Earth, so let’s just say that we don’t have any kind of track record when it comes to acknowledging the value of life forms that don’t conform to a very fixed set of criteria.

In other words, any movement which forces society to confront the biases it brings to the wide variety of lifeforms on the planet has the potential to advance Earth to the next development cycle. Conversely, any force which seeks to further limit our view of lifeforms will block any advancement on the development cycle. Because of this Armanem support human groups which have a hostile attitude toward diversity of being. They will work against human rights, they will work against trans rights, they will work against animal rights, and they will work against ecological rights.  To name a few.

Dana Loesch’s Joke

Dana Loesch’s “joke” is a perfect summary (or “tell”) of what you should look for in a potential Armanem agent. They don’t want humans to have the ability to comprehend a multi-pronoun cat humanoid, even though the possibility exists that exact creature is within a few light years from Earth. They would prefer that human beings keep respecting one form of life only, a life form that also most closely resembles the Armanem themselves, as it happens. As they say, this is not a coincidence.

I understand this may seem like a SJW politics creeping into your conspiracy feed, but these are the facts as I’ve gotten them from a variety of folks in the EWO community. If trans rights and civil rights make you uncomfortable for whatever reason, consider that we are still struggling to understand the communication and intelligence of some of our closest relatives on the Earth. Primates or dolphins show signs of intelligence and don’t even get me started on octopi. Why would an alien life form trust humans when we can’t even relate to strange creatures on our own planet? This is not a difficult thing to understand.

I will reiterate that while much of I what I have been writing here has to do with current Armanem activities on Earth, the Siriusians who manage the Galactic Accord have their own set of problems and challenges to the human race’s future among the ExoPoli, if there ever is to be one. That will be covered in much more depth in Encyclopedia Reptilica and Five Dragons Rise, so don’t think that I’ve forgotten about them, my friends.

Other Questions

Q: When I am going to have a podcast?

A: I won’t, ever. That would seriously cut into my listening to podcast time, of which I have precious little as it is now.  I may have a video series in the near future, but more on that later.

Q: Are you a conspiracy theorist?

A: Not in the commonly understood meaning of the term. I do research material which does involve a fair amount of conspiracies within it, but so does any student of history. While I am quite a fan of the classic Illumanti! card game, that is about as far as I will go on that subject.

Q: Was the Land of the Lost TV series part of Operation Albino Cobra?

A: A very good question and one that I don’t have a definitive answer to. However, it is quite likely, even though the timeline doesn’t quite add up. I’d say it is quite possible that is was part of some proto-Albino Cobra project or a stand alone project that was similar in scope and goals. The similarities between the Sleestaks and the Los Angeles Reptoids as described in the mid-1930’s is very interesting.


Whelp, that’s all I’ve got for this week. I’ll be back as soon as I can, but until then, remember the skies are watching you!