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Hearing on Government Investigation of UFOs and Soft Disclosure

You could be forgiven if you somehow missed that on May 17th, there was a Congressional hearing on government investigation of UFOs or UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). This was the first time in fifty years that the US Government has considered the matter in public and many in the UFO world are quite a-twitter about this. Besides the above mentioned C-Span coverage, you can also find some solid analysis over at Alien Theorists Theorizing and The Micah Hanks Program. 

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I’m not going to rehash the details of the hearing, as both of those podcasts offers enough solid commentary on what was presented in the public part of the congressional show. No, I am going to pull back a little and offer a bit of info of how this event should be considered within the scope of other matters in the ExoPoli sphere. To this end, I would like to talk a little about the whole idea of disclosure. I have written before about soft disclosure and the meaning behind the very clear path that we have been on for almost a century now. I think everyone in the UFO/UAP community can agree that we are on course for government disclosure of more information about the ExoPoli who are currently visiting Earth.

I think there are some folks out there who have some pretty unrealistic expectations about what this will all look like. (Go figure!) There are some in the community that think the President will appear on national TV and make an announcement to the entire world that aliens have and are visiting Earth on a daily basis. Then the President is going to walk away from the podium…and what? What happens next? What could change? The government is already dumping millions upon millions into all aspects of UAP.

Here’s the thing. Even if the Government funnels all the funds that go into misinformation campaigns run by groups such as ESDA into research into UAP, they will have to pivot in short order as the less rose-tinted aspects of dealing with ExoPoli creep into public discourse. Do we have any reason to believe that the media machinery will change completely because there is an official announcement about UFO/UAP? I would say not very likely.

Political forces within the United States stake their claims on any issue in the public sphere. From seemingly clear matters of human concern such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, to the increasing frequency of mass shootings in the States, it should be very clear that there is no such thing as a consensus view of current events. If you think the speculative debate around UFOs is bad now, imagine what it will be like when we know they are real and an active force in our political life?

There are countless other problems with this idea of mass media disclosure event. I don’t have the space to go into that here, as it is a matter that may be better covered in a full length book. Besides, that isn’t the core of what I am getting at in this update. I believe any talk of disclosure at this point, at least as far the United States is concerned, should be suspect. As I’ve mentioned in the past, there are forces at work in all aspects of the government that are doing everything they can to turn the public discourse further toward their own inhuman ends. I know it is hard to wrap your brain around, but a program of UFO/UAP public disclosure will actually work against human interest as it relates to the world of ExoPoli and Galactic Accord. At least in our current environment.

The fact of the matter is that a Trumpist GOP aligned with the Armanem will do everything they can to bend the UFO/UAP disclosure to work for them. As par for the course with this movement, they will unspool endless threads about how they have secret information about all levels of a shadow government and turn their followers to act accordingly against this illusory enemy. This will be dangerous for several reasons.

I. Armanem & Hearing on Government Investigation of UFOs

First, the Armanem aren’t our friends. They aren’t even the friends of the very people who are doing everything they can to help them subvert the Galactic Accord, but no one will be able to tell them that. They will only know too late, much like the rooftop galaxians in Independence Day, that the are slightly less than loyal pets to the Nordic Armanem. They have one goal; to subvert the Galactic Accord and bring the Earth into their control. While little is known about the Armanem, the fact that they are looked on with disfavor by the, um, historically neutral attitude of the Reticulians should tell us plenty about what we can expect if they are able to exert control over the Earth.

II. Siriusians & Hearing on Government Investigation of UFOs

Second, the Siriusians aren’t our friends. By Galactic Accord, the Siriusians are responsible for most of the the status quo on Earth. Now, I know some of you out there are flipping through my past posts where I specifically said that Siriusians are not controlling the Earth as folks like David Icke have suggested. I still stand by this, but there is a lot of nuance. Siriusians are colonizers at the end of the day and we should see our own situation much like India did before 1947. Sure, humans are running most of our institutions and for the most part the Siriusians prefer to keep their distance and only do the diplomatic work with key representatives. However, they do need to keep Earth within a certain set of characteristics and that criteria is not wholly in our best interest as a species or space-faring civilization.

III. Reptoids/Skyk & Hearing on Government Investigation of UFOs

Third, the Reptoids aren’t our friends. Sure, they’ve co-existed with us for millions of years but there is no reason that has to continue in perpetuity. In fact, my sources in both ESDA and EWO tell me that there is a movement afoot in some parts of the Reptoid world to make themselves much more visible. Of course, this would cause all kinds of problems with whatever narrative the Government cooks up around disclosure because it’s hard to explain how it is that non-human humanoids have been sharing the planet with us throughout our entire existence as a species. The Government knows this and understands it limits just how much they will tell us about the real origin of the species, as it were.

The fact is that there are a lot of dynamics at play in public life for the modern age. Truth as a concept is up for debate by many forces in our collective conversation. So, no matter what sort of disclosure is made, it will not be the final word and it will not be the Earth-shaking event many might dream it would be.

The aliens are here, the aliens are near, and they have been known to some of us for a very long time. The only thing that will change is how many people are willing to talk about it in a very public way. Attendance at UFO conventions will go up, I can guarantee that much.



What you think of the Sirian High Council?

I have not the read the particular book that is circulating among Galactic Federation theorists. I have to say that of course I do not put much stock in this idea of benevolent telepathic messages sent by ExoPoli from Sirius. It’s clear the author doesn’t speak of the same Siriusians that I’ve made it my life’s work to study, but I can’t say exactly what that means. Given the Galactic Federation’s role as a disseminator of Armanem “fake news” I lean into the idea that this is just more disinformation. I’ve also read some folks in that sphere talk about how this author has been “cancelled” and that is kind of funny. Backlit YouTubers don’t really rise to the level of being cancelled.

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Whose side are you on, anyway?

Look, I know it is quite possible that I am an unwilling agent of Siriusian propaganda, or a useful idiot for some unknown-to-me ESDA project. The niche I write about and live in to maintain this project creates many competing realities and possibilities that are not wholly impossible. I’ve gone so far as to create a Reality Spectrum that I use when writing this material. (I will share it at some later date, probably.)

As far as I can tell, though, I am on the side of well-intentioned and forward looking human beings.

Was the moon landing faked?

No, the one we saw on television, or at least our parents and grandparents, really happened as it was shown. That isn’t the way ESDA and the “shadow space program”* work. All the subterfuge is to create a reality that covers the real ExoPoli situation while providing a plausible narrative. We have absolutely gone to the moon, but what we’ve done there far surpasses the general myth we are taught.

*Again, I know this is a Galactic Federation talking point, but it is a useful term for a billions of dollars off the books government program. If I had a real name for it, my sources would have leaped several magnitudes of clearance. If you’re out there, I’d love to hear from you!


I do! Please adjust your Google screen calibration settings.


Anyhow, as always, remember the skies are watching you!